Monday, April 30, 2007


I just missed out on the contest...oh well...

I'm Kadi, a Montreal knitter who looooooves coffee. I've been knitting for a couple of years and blogging for about the same amount of time. I missed out last round on this swap so I'm looking to have some fun this round!!!!

Take care

Just in the nick of time

Krafty1 here. Ready to share my two favorite passions: coffee and knitting. Pull up a chair with your favorite cup of Joe and spend some time with me at Krafty1
Note: Since I've been getting inquiries...the mugs are thanks to a friend who purchased them from The Sheepy Yarn Shoppe for my birthday.

The best coffee cup...

Hi!!! My name is Angela and I just wanted to post a quick intro. I live in Hillsboro, Oregon with my two little boys and my hubby. I am really thrilled to be part of this swap. Had lots of fun in the first coffee swap so I couldn't pass up this one. I had this lil coffee cup this past saturday. It was very yummy to eat and made completely out of chocolate. I got it from the bakery section of the nearest Fred Meyers to where I live.
Angela :)

Just An Introduction

Hi all, after joining the swap and finally getting the blog in my Bloglines, I can see that this blog has hit the ground running and people are posting like crazy. I have contacted by blog swap partner by email, but for the sake of an introduction, i will answer the questionnaire as well.

1. Whole bean or ground? I prefer ground, as I have no coffee grinder
2. Fully-loaded or decaf? Fully-loaded, sorry I never see the point of decaf, although I know there are those that do
3. Regular or flavored? I like regular, but definitely love flavored coffees
4. How do you drink your coffee? cream and sugar or Splenda
5. Favorite coffee ever? No real favorite coffees as I don't make it that much at home, but @ Starbucks, it's the Dolce Cinnamon Latte or Pumpkin Spice Latte all the way
6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do? I'm not particularly fussy about my coffee, although I don't care for very dark roast coffees, they're a bit too strong for me
7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee? scones, shortbread or biscotti
8. Anything else about your coffee preferences? love flavored coffees, such as vanilla, cinnamon pecan, or caramel
9. Yarn/fiber you love? wool, merino wool, silk, natural fibers
10. Yarn/fiber you hate? don't really care for acrylic
11. What's on your needles? 2 socks, a sweater, a lace shawl
12. Favorite colors? purples, reds, teals, gold, pinks, blues, lots of jewel tones
13. Allergies? mohair & angora and I'm on the fence a/b alpaca, it seems all the hairy yarns and I don't really get along
14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest? Not really. I'm happy to join in on this swap. It's fun to do a one-time swap and know who your partner is. I'm looking forward to it.

Coffee and Knit Swap Q & A

Hello everyone. I posted a brief introduction the day I received my acceptance from knittymama, but wanted to post answers to the coffee swap, for everyone as well.

1. Whole bean or ground? I prefer ground, but have a coffee grinder for whole as well.
2. Fully-loaded or decaf? Fully-loaded.
3. Regular or flavored? Regular and flavored.
4. How do you drink your coffee? Cream and cinnamon.
5. Favorite coffee ever? Two: Mocha Joes and Speeder & Earls
6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do? I'm an average fuss bucket. I'm not big on Starbucks or Dunkin Doughnuts unless I'm actually there. I also prefer organic and fair trade types.
7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee? Chocolate truffles or Reece's - it's the only time I like chocolate.
8. Anything else about your coffee preferences? I'm more of a full-bodied coffee girl.
9. Yarn/fiber you love? Cotton blends, silk blends, wool that's not too thick (I live in San Diego).
10. Yarn/fiber you hate? Acrylic.
11. What's on your needles? Marilyn's Not-so-shrunken cardigan, Textured Tube Vest, & the Branching Out scarf.
12. Favorite colors? Purples, Greens, Reds, Chocolates.
13. Allergies? None.
14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest? I'm really digging this swap. I am part of the SecretPal10 which is wonderful, but think a swap where you each know one another is also ingenious.

Feel free to check me out on my blog.



Hi all -

I had so much fun in the first Knitters' Coffee Swap that I'm back for this round! I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have been knitting for around seven years. Been drinking coffee (specifically soy mochas) for much longer than that! For more details, you can check out my blog, Stumbling Over Chaos.

Last Day of the Contest!!

Remember to post your introduction today by midnight Eastern time. Kathy, our "Mistress of Contests" will be going through all the entries and picking some winners!

I'll announce the next contest tomorrow. Get your cameras ready!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Is it near the end of April already?

Hello, fellow knitters and coffee drinkers! Hello! I'm a bit behind in my introductions to the "group". I have, however, electronically connected with my coffee and knitting pal. Half way around the world, no less! If she sees this, some may be a repeat of a personal email to her (sorry). I am very excited to be a part of the coffee swap this time around. I have only been reading blogs since January...what a wonderful new world I have discovered. Last week I opened/started a blog of my own. Still new in the "making entries" division, but give me time. The internet continues to amaze me; it's a bit like Alice going down the rabbit hole.
I have been around yarn my entire life. We raised lambs (and calves) who were rejected by their mothers. My grandmother knitted her entire life. She used to tell me stories of unravelling old sweaters to make new sweaters and of saving sugar by making/canning sugar water during the depression. My family and extended family always got new sweaters and slippers, as well as hats and mittens each year from her. I miss her terribly and wish I could still glean knitting wisdom from her. I carry on the tradition of knitting, making for the family, but I also include teaching students in my classroom (sixth graders). I have each of them knitting, for themselves, for family, and for charity. They made their own needles and with the exception of only a couple of kids who are "fighting" the pull of yarn, they are happy to sit and knit. During this time of year in the classroom, with standardized testing (a very sore subject for me as a teacher so we won't ever bring it up again), knitting is a wonderful thing for the kids to do if they finish a test early.
My answers to the coffee swap questions:
  1. Whole bean or ground? Whole bean. I have a fully-equipped coffee corner in the kitchen which makes this possible.
  2. Fully loaded or decaf? Are you kidding? Fully loaded of course (otherwise what's the point?). Caffeine is my "drug of choice".
  3. Regular or flavored? Regular. Why change a thing?
  4. How do you drink your coffee? Hot and straight up (black), with a curl of the lip if you try to move my mug before the first cup is done. My coffee and I have a morning thing.
  5. Favorite coffee ever? One year a student in my classroom brought back from his family vacation in Guatemala a one pound bag of locally grown coffee--it was rich with a bit of a nutty aftertaste. I coveted it and yet, being only a pound, was gone all too quickly.
  6. Are you fussy about your coffee? (Fussy? See number 4.) I don't like bitter coffee or the super dark roasted.
  7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee? Homemade banana bread (with walnuts, of course) smeared with cream cheese. Oh, I can taste it already. Fresh bread just out of the oven with melted fresh butter on top and sometimes a dab of honey. If you are going to go "bad", go with style.
  8. Anything else about your coffee preference? Hum...can't think of anything.
  9. Yarn/fiber you love? Wool, cashmere, silk, qiviut, angora, alpaca...well, all the wonderful natural fibers.
  10. Yarn/fiber you hate? Hate is such a strong word, but it quite fits here: acrylics, man-made-oil-synthetic-based products.
  11. What's on your needles? Lopi pullover with wool and silk, wristlets with alpaca, wool, and cashmere, several socks with superwash wool, fair isle hat with wool and cashmere, scarf with cashmerino (this is in the classroom).
  12. Favorite colors? Blues, greens, browns, dark purples, dark reds. No pastels, no pinks, no bright oranges.
  13. Allergies? No, only to things that bloom *sigh* (my garden, my lemon trees, etc.) but it doesn't stop me.
  14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest? In the order of chocolate (just in case you want to know), no dark chocolate. As far as knitting, I carry my knitting in baskets--oh, I use canvas bags, but they are inside the baskets. Absolutely love knitting with rosewood and birch needles. Bamboo are ok but manufacturer's quality is not consistent. I support fair trade and women's cooperatives for products when possible.

No longer Blog-less!!!

So we (not the royal "we", it's just that my house-mate "Tournesol" is also taking part in the knitters' coffee swap!) were inspired by all your fun and interesting blogs.... and started a blog as well. Come and visit us at

Tigerduck x

Friday, April 27, 2007

Discount for coffee swappers!!

I would love to offer any coffee swappers 20% off anything in my etsy store - which is mostly stitch markers and row counters!! What a fun group!!
The address is
If you do take me up on this offer - don't pay for the items through etsy's paypal, I will send you an invoice with the correct prices through paypal - just let me know you are a coffee swapper by noting it in the "note to seller" section or sending me a convo!
My markers were just picked up by Kpixie - so I think this is the perfect way to celebrate!!
Happy Knitting!!

Special Swap Partner

Hi All

I'm so excited to be a part of this swap. This is combination of my 2 passions - coffee and yarn.
And I'm really excited about my new swap partner and friend, Brittani. We have a lot in common-- to begin with our love for Doritos.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Swap Update

By now everyone should have sent their partner an e-mail to say "hi." If you haven't heard from your partner yet, please let me know and I'll try to see what's up.

Now the fun part: shopping! Need a reminder of the rules?

The box should value around $30 - $40 (not including postage) and at the minimum it must include:

-coffee! (about a pound, and we’re talking the good stuff here!:-)
-1-2 skeins of yarn, enough for a small project such as a hat, socks, a scarf, etc.
-treats to go with the coffee (chocolate, cookies, candy, etc.)

Other things you could include might be a mug or travel mug, coffee accessories, knitting accessories, recipes...get creative! I've provided a few links on the side to get you started.

Remember to take advantage of some of the special offers we have from some of our members. Also, if you have an online shop, let me know and I'll add you to the sidebar. If you need package ideas check out the archives for last November and December. You'll see some gorgeous packages!!!

I'm heading to Toronto for the next four days so I'm not sure how much I'll be online, but I will still try to keep up with things. If you've got any great Toronto suggestions, let me know!

Oh, and thanks for the map links. I'll get them up soon!


Having so much fun shopping for my partner ...

She is so lucky ... one of our local yarn shops is going to an online only format at the end of this month so everything is 40-60% off. I'm sad to be losing the shop, but having a great time helping it go ...

An offer in my shop for coffee swappers

I am offering swappers 10% off my yarns in my etsy shop MIDDLEARTHYARNS anybody interested in buying please send me a convo or email and I will deal with your discount, I will also put in a little surprise too which you can either keep for you or pass onto your swap partner!

An offer in my shop for coffee swappers

I am offering swappers 10% off my yarns in my etsy shop MIDDLEARTHYARNS anybody interested in buying please send me a convo or email and I will deal with your discount, I will also put in a little surprise too which you can either keep for you or pass onto your swap partner!

Hola from the Pacific Northwest

Hello everyone,

I'm so bad at posting on all these KAL and swap boards. :) Let's see. I LOVE coffee. Actually I practically live on coffee. Think Gilmore Girls and you get the picture. :) I am a single mom to a 2 and a half year old. I am a full time student and will graduate in June with my Bachelors and then start my masters in September. I'm a missionary (short term trips. I'm a college pastor. I do transcription work from my home. I sell Mary Kay. I drive four and a half hours one way each week to go to school (long story). Oh yeah, and I knit. So now I think you know everything about me. :)

I'm looking forward to this.

Hi from Singapore

Just wanted to say hi, I love coffee and knitting so I am happy I am able to join. My pal expressed an interest in sock blockers, so does anyone have any recommendations for nice sock blockers that don't cost US$28? Thanks.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Map????

Does anyone know where I can find a visitors' map for the sidebar? I know I've seen them but can't seem to hit a blog tonight that has one and I'm getting sleepy. I'd really like to put it on the sidebar so you can all see what a wonderfully diverse group we have going here. If you know, just post the link in the comments and I'll put one up. Thanks!!!

phoenix coffee knitters?

Hey All! What a fun swap, and great job knittmama! I'm in Maine, but will be in Phoenix at the end of May, kind of loose for most of a day...wondering if there are any knitters out there that would like to get together for, um, coffee and knitting??

Finally! I bring you a blog...

Well, I've been inspired by the swap to get my blog rolling. Please check it out:

I'd love your thoughts / suggestions / praises!

Thanks all.


A contest!

WooHoo! More Coffee Swap fun! I'm having a contest on my blog. The prize is some Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in "Santa Fe". If you'd like to enter, click here.

Good luck!


Hello Everyone!

I'm Kathy, and I'm excited to be in the swap! I live in NW Indiana with DH and Rudy, our border collie. We have 2 grown daughters (when I first typed that it came out "groan daughters" - Ha!) - one in Phoenix and the other here in NW Indiana. I love to knit and spin and weave and quilt and cross stitch and bead, etc... I also love my coffee and tea. I don't drink real strong coffee--more of a mild blend, and I do like flavored coffees too. My swap partner and I have done a brief intro, and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better as well as getting to know the rest of you through the blog! I'm glad to be here!!


Fun, Fun, Fun!

Thanks, Knittymama, you're the best! Hope Knittybaby is back to normal again. This swap is awesome! Having fun getting to know Amy and learning about her world. We're so much alike it's amazing, you must be psychic! Here's to knitting, and slurping! Everyone have a great day!


I to would like to thank Knittymama for my pal, top match, looking forward to creating the package.

Have also posted my answers on my blog if anyone wants a nosey at them!

Happy swapping!

getting to know each other

Yey, my swap partner and I have met (in a manner of speaking - well, electronically that is)! This is going to be really fun. I read her email drinking coffee...I enjoyed a luxury yesterday, that was all the more enjoyable for its rarity: after a singing session (did I mention I'm a singer?) in the centre of London, I took my little laptop to a nearby Starbucks, sat in a big comfy chair with a Café Latte next to me and worked in the centre of town. It felt a bit like a holiday, although I actually got a lot done as well. Maybe one of these days (or rather weekends) I will repeat it with a new knitting project. This reminds me - can anyone recommend a good pattern for a classic, elegant lace scarf?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

~ Hello ~

Hello everyone,

My name is Dawn. I'm a wife and mother of 3 ~ I homeschool the 2 younger ones. I am from Va currently residing in Ok til further notice. ;D I'm a coffee and tea drinker. I've been a tea drinker for my entire life but didn't start drinking coffee until about 20yrs ago when I met my dh. I was good at making coffee but I really didn't care for the taste until I was introduced to coffee flavors. Hmm, thats what did it ~ having all those delicious flavors of coffee to choose from.

Coffee is a major staple in our home and now yarn is rapidly gaining ground too. I have been knitting consistently for about 3mos though I learned over 20yrs ago. I am a crocheter at heart and love most crafts. The thought of both coffee and knitting together was very appealing and I'm looking forward to meeting new friends ~ both coffee beans and yarn. Oh, yes ~ humans too. ;D I've answered my questionnaire and have made contact w/my partner, who has visited my blog. You can read my answers

Have an awesome week!
Dawn ;)

Hi from Sunny California

Hi! My name is Alicia. I'm a SAHM of three awesome kids. I've been knitting for about 1 year. I also enjoy sewing and reading blogs. Coffee is my way of kick starting my day. I love to get up before my kids, sit down at the computer with a hot cup of coffee and catch up on every one's blogs before the daily chaos begins. This is my very first swap and I can't wait to go shopping for my partner!! Thanks for all your work in putting this swap together.

thanks for the partner

I wanted to thank you for the partner you gave to me. We have so many things in common it is crazy. You did a great job and i look forward to this swap.


I just got my partner, I'm a first timer for this one, excited though.
I'm 15 and probably the youngest one here.

Monday, April 23, 2007

My List Is Posted

I have my partner and my list of "me facts" is on my blog ( Whoohoo! This is going to be great!


It's done. Partners are out, and I'm beat. Funny, 100 or so really didn't seem like that much until I started matching you all up and sending out the e-mails. I think we are actually around 112 for this round, which is awesome! I'm so happy to see so many posts so far for the first contest and thrilled to see everyone having a great time.

Try to drop your partner a quick "hello" note and answer the questions in the next couple of days.

Remember to check your junk boxes, and if you didn't get anything from me drop me an e-mail and let me know. Also, let me know if you don't hear from your partner by the end of the week.

Hello again!

Hi again, from southern Wisconsin! I'm Gretchen, and I was lucky enough to be in the swap last time. I'm really excited to be in it again! I just started a part-time job working as a barista in a fair-trade coffeehouse, so I'm learning how to make all the yummy coffee drinks!

I've been knitting for 3.5 years now, mostly hats and felted bags. With warmer weather finally coming to Wisconsin, I'm starting to plan some nice, summery projects for once. I'm thinking tank tops and halters for my 3 girls, and a tank top for my son.

Can't wait to get shopping for my partner! I loved doing it the last swap. What could be better than coffee, yarn, and other assorted goodies?

Have a great day everyone!

Another New Blog

Is it just me, or is this swap responsible for creating a number of new blogs? I just joined in here. Now if I can only get that button on the sidebar...

Hello from Alabama!

I don't remember when I started drinking coffee. My parents were both big coffee drinkers. I really became hooked when I got to college and spent many late nights studying. I live in northwest Alabama, just a few miles from Tennessee and Mississippi, with my husband, one cat, two ferrets, and two birds. My husband and I have a little software and networking company. I learned to knit when I was about 10 and I have been knitting off and on ever since. I mostly knit socks, lace and sweaters. I also started spinning a few years ago. I love weekends when I can sit down with a good cup of coffee and knit. My knitting blog is here.


I have contacted and heard back from my partner, this is going to be so fun. I missed out last time, coffee and knitting, is there anything better than wrapping your hands around the warm mug and then immediately picking up your knitting again? Big hello from Boston where it is now unseasonably warm. No skiing this year, so disappointed, always August when I am sure it will snow again, LOL.


My name is Janee'. I am 18 and I still live at home. I've been drinking coffee for I think the last 4 years. And I've been knitting well for the last year. My house is always filled with the smell of coffee. Ever since I can remember my daddy has been a coffee drinker. He can walk in the door and tell you exactly what is brewing in the pot. Always one of the main gifts to give away is coffee. And now yarn has joined the bandwagon. My mummy and my sister have recently joined in on the knitting and we have slowly convinced my brother into it. My mummy is still working on my daddy.
I am looking forward to this swap and I hope to meet some fun new people and drink some really good coffee.

Hello from Windy Southern Alberta

I am Tammy from Lethbridge Alberta and I am a hardcore coffee drinker/sock knitter. I got my pals info yesterday and have been in touch and can't wait to start shopping for her goodies. Thanks Knittymamma for hosting this awesome swap!

Happy Knitting!

I Finally got around to starting a blog ...

Here is the link if anyone reaches the last page of the internet and needs something new to read ... LOL

If anyone has the time to explain to me how to post a photo for my profile, I would be eternally grateful! I spent two hours trying to figure out the whole photo hosting issue on Friday with no luc

Hi from the Chicago Burbs

Hi, I'm Jeremy, mother of 4. I too am very excited about being accepted to this swap because it combines so many of my loves, coffee, knitting and blogging. Check out my blog if you get a chance. I live north of Chicago with my two high school girls year round and my college kids come home for the summer. I teach elementary physical education and after school I have two knitting classes. Can you believe I get paid to knit. I love coffee and start each day early with several cups. Yesterday I received my swap partner Chrissie from Singapore. The funny thing is she is also in the Monkey Sock 2 swap I am in. It's a small world. I can't wait to start collecting things for her.

Check your junk boxes!!!

I've sent out about 40 partners so far...just a reminmder to be sure to check your junk mail boxes just in case my e-mail or one from your partnert ended up in there.


I just wanted to post a quick Hi to the group and i've got my partne and am ready too spoil :)


Adding button

OK, here's how I do it:
First, right-click the button you want, select Save and save to your computer. If you want to make it a link, upload it to your favorite photo site (I use photobucket).
Then go to your Blogger Dashboard, select manage Layout.
If you just want the picture, you click "add page element," select add picture, hit "Browse" find the picture, hit OK, and follow the directions to get it on your side-bar. Then you can drag the item up or down to where you want it.

If you want the button to link back here, select "HTML/Javascript." Type in the following code:

**a href="" target="_blank">**img border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket" src="LINK TO YOUR PHOTO "/>**/a>

But put a < in place of the **, and the link to where you have the image hosted after src=

Hi All!

I'm Kerry and I'm a SAHM to three great kids. We live just 10 miles from Lake Placid, NY. It's so beautiful and peaceful and is the reason I've lived here for the better part of my 35 years. I started knitting about 20 years ago and haven't looked back since. My favorite knitting obsessions are socks. I love how portable they are and I love that they can be knit with super expensive yarns while still being much more affordable than a sweater knit with the same yarn. I love coffee! It gives me the boost I need to run with the kids. :-) I'm really looking forward to this swap and can't wait to spoil my partner!

Adding the Button

Will someone wiser than me please post how to add the button using the new Blogger "Add a Page Element" feature? Someone previously gave a link to the Blogger 101 page but the instructions there were for the old Blogger format and I can't figure out how to make it work with the new one. I followed those instructions, but when you get to the "Look for some text that looks like this..." I find that there is no text that looks like that.

I tried to add it using the HTML/Java Script page element and it worked in that the link worked and a box that had the right label appeared but there was no graphic. I tried to type out the code I used, but blogger is trying to convert it when it publishes and I'm getting an error. I wish Blogger would add a "Add a Button" page element! Can someone give me the code to use with the HTML/Java Script page element?

Hi from Minnesota

Hello all! My name is Perri (aka Spinning Dervish). I live in Roseville, MN, which is a part of the Twin Cities. Although I'm not always good about keeping it current, my blog can be found here. I live with my partner of 23 years and our 13 year old son. Also, one dog (a standard poodle) and two cats. I knit, spin, read (mostly science fiction/fantasy), and garden and there's never enough time to do any of it. I work in a small, regional office for an international relief and development agency doing fund raising and education about poverty and hunger issues. My office covers Minnesota and the Dakotas so I travel quite a bit in those three states. Once every few years I get to travel overseas so I've been to India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Honduras, Peru, Laos, and Thailand. This January I'm leading a trip to Africa, probably Kenya and Tanzania. The travel is one of the things I love about my job and I'm proud of the work we do.

I have been knitting about four years (I think) and spinning for almost a year. My latest project is my first sweater. The knitting part is nearly finished, but I'm really dreading the blocking and seaming. I love coffee and tea equally. Right now I am seriously addicted to the Cinnamon Dulce Latte at Starbucks. I have the strange habit of drinking mostly tea in the winter and mostly coffee in the summer, so the timing of this swap is great -- just about time to switch over to coffee! Coffee and yarn...what a great combination!

More of an intro

Hi all!

Just thought I'd post a wee bit more an intro than my quick "hi" the other day!

First let me say, I am in sunny, and unseasonally warm Winnipeg! I've been knitting on and off for around 27 years or so. My Mom taught me the summer between grade 2 and 3. We would sit in our respective rocking chairs and watch Another World on CTV (the only channnel we got on our old black and white TV) and knit. In the last few years I've found myself knitting more and more.

You can check out my blog to read about my adventures in knitting and the answers to our questionaire!


Until next time...
Sarah aka PrairieGirl

Hello from Philly!

Hi all! I'm Cecelia ("Ceme") from Philadelphia. I'm a coffee drinking knitaholic! I'm a flavor loving coffee addict. I totally love flavors like Blueberry (my #1 fav), Southern Pecan, Hazelnut and Toffee. But when I need a pick-me up, I reach for Jamaican Blue Mountain or Kenyan. I'm totally addicting! I do my best knitting on rainy or snowy days listening to my classical music (Bach) or the newest James Patterson book on tape while drinking a fully loaded cup (most times I can do the entire pot) of coffee.

I also love working anything lace. My goal is to own 365 shawls in every variation possible. Visit my blog at I'm not sure how to add the link yet.

I hope to get an international partner too. Only because I still dream of my vacation to Italy a few years back! My favorite places were Lucca and Naples. One day I'll retire to Italy and live my life knitting and drinking coffee looking at the hillsides!

I'm looking forward to this coffee swap. Happy Knitting!


Hellooooooo from way up there

Yep I'm up North of the border in Northern Ontario Canada, where we drink a ton of coffee to stay warm here. This swap is the perfect fusion of two of my favorite things..yarn and coffee. I have my lovely swap partner and I'm rarin' to go. Let the sipping begin!

Greetings from B'more MD

Hello everyone I'm Meegan and I've only been a coffee drinker for about a year, but I regard those coffee-less years as a sort of wasteland -- all those mornings without a coffee (cream, no sugar) as I sit on my porch to watch the birds and play my day!!! I've been knitting for a decade, but only in a desultory way until a few years ago. (In fact, I called my first blog Desultory Knitter in honor of my decision to increase my skills and take on more and more challenging projects.) In my current blog I'd like to include more about some of the other crafts I've been pursuing, as well as cooking, gardening, and homeschooling. Thanks to knittymama for organizing this swap -- it's my 3rd ever swap and my first knitting/coffee related one so I'm very excited!!

Big Howdy from Kentucky

Hey folks! Does it really get any better than this: coffee AND knitting??? Just like the rest, I am very excited about being in the swap - and this my FIRST ONE!!! I am married, am in my late 40's, manage two companies, and have a 25 year old daughter in college. Needless to say, I need my coffee to keep me going and the knitting to keep me sane! LOL

I know I am going to enjoy this experience. I love to buy things for knitters.

Yay! So glad I made it!

Hello, fellow caffeinated knitters. I'm Lia, aka Fruity Sheep, a 31 yo mom from Oregon. I have 2 boys (10 1/2 and 2, a 13 yo stepdaughter, and have been married 3 1/2 years.

I learned to knit while pregnant with my youngest and have been going non-stop ever since. I dabble in spindle spinning, and hope to get a wheel soon (now that I have room for one.) I also do some dyeing and crocheting.

I love coffee. My favorites are espresso with cream (from my little stovetop pot) or white chocolate mochas if I splurge and go out. I am so glad to live in an area with good coffee readily available. Lately I've been trying to be really consistent about getting environmentally and socially responsible coffee and chocolate.

I was afraid I'd miss sign-ups for this round, as we just bought our first house. Wouldn't you know it, the 16th was the day we were without internet access! Phew, so relieved to slip in at the last moment.

The first round was so much fun. I've been waiting eagerly for another go. Thanks so much for doing this, Knittymama! (I was lucky enough to be her partner last time, and got a great package!)

My blog is sadly neglected lately, first due to starting an online shop, and then the whole escrow, loan, packing, moving, unpacking saga. I hope that I can get back into posting now that things are less urgent on that front.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm so excited...

When I saw the post that there were only 8 spots left I thought that I would not make it luck tends to run that way. I'm so glad knittymama accepted those of us on Tuesday. I should have known coffee and knitting would be a popular combination and the spots would fill up fast.

As for my introduction - this is my first swap, it has inspired me to start a blog (but I'm not ready to release it's location yet), I have been knitting for about 10 years (I started just before the big knitting craze), and did not start drinking coffee until I was out of grad school (but have been addicted ever since).

I am 39, have always live in NC, am married to a guy from PA, no kids (except the two dogs), work for the state of North Carolina and am an avid reader of what my dear hubby calls "trash". Hope to spend more time reading the intros of everyone else and am looking forward to my "match."


Hello All,

My name is Jeanine and I am very happy to be part of the Swap! I was very excited when I heard sign ups were taking place. I've been knitting and crocheting for over 20 years. I was taught at an early age by my grandmother. I recently took up quilting a few months ago. I pretty much enjoy anything crafty. You can read more about me at my blog.

Hello to everyone

Hi there - this is my second time at the Coffee Swap! It was so much fun there was no way I could miss this round - not to mention the thought of getting some new coffee is a big lure. I got some of the most amazing coffee last time...and the treats were awesome as well! I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Here are your questions:

Keep all these lovely introductions coming! Remember, you've got until the 30th if you want to be in the first contest.

Partners are starting to go out. In order to be quick, I'm sending the same e-mail to both of you with both partners info in it. Your instructions will be at the bottom. Have fun! :-)

Here are the questions:
1. Whole bean or ground?
2. Fully-loaded or decaf?
3. Regular or flavored?
4. How do you drink your coffee?
5. Favorite coffee ever?
6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do?
7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee?
8. Anything else about your coffee preferences?
9. Yarn/fiber you love?
10. Yarn/fiber you hate?
11. What's on your needles?
12. Favorite colors?
13. Allergies?
14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest?

Salutations from San Antonio!

Hi Everyone!

I'm so glad I made it on the list this go-round! Last time procrastination was not my friend and it was already filled/closed by the time I got around to signing up.

I've been knitting for about two years now and just recently finished my first pair of socks and know I will be a sock knitter for life! I'm currently working on a baby blanket, the Tesselated Fish blanket (knitting 160 fish) and of course some socks.

I was born and raised in Minnesota but moved to San Antonio, Texas 17 years ago for a teaching job. I used to only drink coffee when it was cool/cold but for the past year have found I like it no matter what the weather is. I love the smell..the taste...everything about it. I'm one of those people who even has a coffee scented candle and especially love the coffee/chocolate/caramel combinations found in ice creams and other desserts. I will drink it "black" with sweetener but prefer to have it with a flavored creamer(caramel, vanilla, ect.). I can hardly wait to see who my match will be and start buying the goodies!

Hello from Richmond... BC!

Hello Everybody -

Firstly, Thank you to Knittymama for hosting again! The last one was a lot of fun, and I'm sure this one will be, too ... I can't imagine how much of your time will go into keeping us all organized!

Like many of you, I learned to knit when I was about 7 or 8 (for my Brownie badge), and for the last 25 years or so, I've only gone back to it sporadically. Lately, though, I've become addicted: socks, bags, scarves, wraps, blankets - almost everything except sweaters... there is an unfinished one *somewhere*, but it's going to stay in hiding for a while longer :)

Coffee-wise, I like anything that tastes 'thick' or rich when it hits the palate, but hot chocolates and teas are good, too. My favorite is hot chocolate with a melty marshmallow right off the campfire.... MMMMMYummy!

Go Canucks Go!

Ciao from Maryland!

Greetings all. I was so excited when I got the invite for the 2nd swap. I had found the original blog swap like a week after it had closed, so I have been waiting for April for a long time *laugh*

I am an elementary school library media specialist who owns a 13 pound, green eyed, black cat named Frisco (Not the least bit supersticious!). I also crochet (almost 20 years now) and knit (almost a year). So that's 2 strikes I have toward the typical old-fashioned librarian stereotype *laugh* BUT that is definately where it ends. After that I fall more into the "Lipstick Librarian" catagory and get WILD!

And I start my days off with a nice, tall, soy latte! YUMMY!

I love all the new buttons people have made!


I can only use blogger on my downstairs computer; for some reason the upstairs computer doesn't like it. I'm another Wisconsinite. I have 2 kids under the age of 2 that keep me busy. When they let me, I get to knit sometimes! I mostly knit baby stuff for the kids. I've been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember. I sometimes try to give it up (like when I was pregnant), but it never lasts long! It's fun to see that I recognize some names from some other places. My blog is here. This will be fun! And if this message is incoherent, it's because I just got off a 12 hour graveyard shift.

Hello from Lincolnshire England!

Hi there everyone, my name is Kat, I'm 21 and live in glorious England! I am so excited to be apart of this swap! I started knitting when I was about sven or eight years old and then gave up, and then tried again at eighteen and gave up again! Then at twenty my Mum knitted me a jumper and that was it! I just had to do it for myself, and I am hooked! This will be my second exchange ever, I haven't done a coffee swap before, so this will be great! I can't wait!
Thanks to Knittymama for hosting this! You can visit my blog here.

Kat x

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hello from Richmond, Virginia

Hello everyone!
I'm so excited to be able to participate in this swap! Thank you, Knitty Mama, for pulling this together! What fun for us all!

I live in Richmond, Virginia with my 11...yes, I did say 11...cats. I have taken in several of the little ones that nobody else wants due to health or behavioural issues...what a mistake to turn away the "troubled" ones...they are the ones that appreciate a good home and love the most. It's actually kind of cool to watch them all interact and "rule" the house...they just let me live here - they actually own the joint! >^..^< They have their own can visit them here: Whiskers and Purrs

I've been knitting since I was 7. My grandmother, who was also my very best friend in the world...ever, taught me the basics. I cherish the craft because it somehow brings her back to me every time I sit down to knit a few rows. She would be amazed at all of the beautiful yarns and patterns available today and I just know she would've loved participating in a swap like this one!

Again, I'm just so happy to be a part of this group. Thanks for the opportunity. It's an honor to be a part of such a fun project!!!

Best regards,
Jenny "Mama Cat"

Yay! I Made it Too!

Hello and thank you Knittymama for hosting this swap. I am very excited to be part of this swap, as I am new to blogging and to swapping. My name is Natalie and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. My cousin taught me how to knit when I was in fifth grade, however I really started to knit two years ago (Has it only been two years? Honestly, my yarn stash it telling a different story!) I have dabbled in other crafts as well: cross-stitch, soap making, jewelry making, and crochet. I think knitting and jewelry making are the crafts that are going to stick around for me; there's something satisfying about being able to wear something you just made.
My love for coffee started when I was eleven and my family moved to Brazil. Brazilians drink it strong and sweet; it was like candy to me. When my mom taught music at my school, my sister and I would always sneak into her office to steal from the thermos of coffee they delivered to her each day. When we moved back to the U.S., we settled in the Pacific Northwest, another nirvana for coffee lovers. The addiction continues to this far as I'm concerned, there's nothing better than a good cup of coffee to start your day.
Looking forward to meeting other knitters!

special offer on my hand painted yarn

I'd like to offer my fellow members of this swap a special deal (knittymama ok'ed this post :) )
to use in my etsy store

With each item (one item is 2 skeins of yarn) the buyer receives a FREE sock pattern from Wildhorse Farm Designs - retail value $5.50. The buyer may choose one of these 4 patterns "Penllyn", "Metropolis", "Rococo", and "Stillwater" (view patterns here Purchase on and put coffeeswap2 and your choice of pattern in the Note to Seller. And, as always, orders over $50 are shipped free in the U.S.

AND.. all this coffee chatter has inspired me to create a colorway dedicated to coffee. More on that soon! Jana @

If you ship to Canada....

Hopefully I'll remember to remind you guys about this later, but thought I'd put it up now in case I forget. Check out this post on USPS vs. UPS.

Hi, I'm Frances

Thanks for hosting this swap and giving me a spot. I'm Frances from New Jersey and I love swaps. I've participated in many soap related swaps,other knitting swaps even a tea swap but this is my first one with a coffee theme. I love coffee and drink many cups a day! My mother is a tea drinker but my Italian grandparents introduced me to coffee as a child by giving me sips of theirs! I even drank Manahattan Special soda which is a stongly flavored expresso soda.
I learned how to knit from this same grandmother when I was about 5 or so. In the last 50 years I've knit just about everything but right now I an obcessed sock knitter. I am finishing an entrelac vest just the armhole trim and buttons to go and am cuurrently working on a noro silk garden sweater.
I am 55, and have two children 22 and 24 both VERY close to graduating from college. I lost my husband last year and currently live with two cats and his dog,Gizmo who thinks he is a person. I work as a math staff developer in an inner city school in New York City.My interests are knitting, reading and making soaps, lotions etc!

Hello from sunny Winnipeg!!

Hi all!

I'm very excited to be part of the Knitter's Coffee Swap 2! I really enjoyed the first round and can hardly wait to get my round 2 assignment!


My intro

I'm having such a great time reading everyone's introductions. What an awesome round this is going to be! I realized that I should probably post an introduction too for all our newbies.

I'm a 33 year old Wisconsin transplant who moved to Minneapolis nine years ago. I live with quite the cast of characters: my husband, the Skeptic, Little Man (4 yrs) and Knittybaby (1 yr). My two little boys are enough reason alone to be a big coffee drinker. It's the only way I can keep up with them! I keep track of all my adventures over here.

Knitting is but one of the creative outlets in my life, although it's certainly the one at the top of my list. I'm also a musician, but right now that is mostly limited to teaching elementary music part time. After Little Man was born I realized that keeping up with the bassoon and being a mom was a hard mix. I still play a bit, but I started knitting a few months after Little Man was born. It's much quieter and I love it just as much as I love music. Knitting has brought me back to all the other creative endeavors I loved as a child. (I crocheted and embroidered). Now I knit, spin and sew as well. There's nothing I love more than stealing a few minutes of knitting with a hot cup of coffee, although like most moms with little kids, I usually end up drinking my coffee cold:-)


How to Post Buttons to Your Blogs

The lovely Anne , who is hosting other swaps, posted information on one of them about how to get buttons on your blogs. I thought some of you might also find that information very useful so, I thought I'd post the link here for instructions on how to add the button to your sidebar in most blog software here too.

Have Fun!!

Hello from Ohio

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be a part of this swap. I'm a fairly new knitter. My stepmom taught me over ten years ago and then my sister taught me to crochet a few years back. But after taking a knitting class last November, I've become obsessed. I love it and am currently knitting my first pair of socks. I also just learned needle-felting which is really fun. I've even gotten two satin angora rabbits, convinced that someday I'll learn to spin and use their wool to make my own yarn and then knit something wonderful with it! Love the idea of creating something from the beginning, you know.? Ok, so I watched a little too much Little House on the Prairie as a kid (and still as an adult) Anyway, I'm a doula, childbirth educator and do belly casting. My midwives were always knitting when they weren't helping me during my birth, so I figure it is part of the birth and babybusiness. I also love coffee, albeit heavily creamed and sugared! The only place I won't get coffee from seems to be a favorite, Starbucks. This is only because they put the little family owned coffe shop that I used to work at in my early twenties, out of business. They had to put one right next door even though there was one only a mile away. Ok, so it's pretty stupid but I'm stubborn and it makes me feel like a rebel. Love reading all of your intro's and can't wait to meet my partner!

Another musician who loves coffee...

...and I have to say I totally agree with Kate that coffee is the juice of life - in fact there are no better words to describe it! I'm Michalea and I'm a musician as well, I don't know if Starbucks makes me a nicer person, but I seem to have a inbuilt radar for it... having said that I also like the quirky independent coffee shops (as long as they are smoke free). I have been knitting ever since I can remember. My Grandmother taught me how to knit on a rainy afternoon - an adventure for both of us as we are both stubborn and obviously there is only one way to knit, well mine didn't really work out to be the best.... I didn't like it at first and it took ages to finish anything, but over the years I got addicted to it. I'm now working on a blanket for my little sister for her birthday next month. I only found out about the knitting community a couple of months ago. It's so cool to be able to see all your projects and to learn from all of you - and to find consolation that there are other people as well who will rip apart an entire project, because it wasn't the way they wanted it to be!

Coffee in London?!

I know, the English are said to prefer their cup of tea (and in fact it seems the solution for every crisis in life: let me make you a cup of tea - the one definite response to a break-up with a boyfriend, a close friend dying or just your every-day blues). However, despite all of this: I love coffee!! It goes perfectly well with a new knitting project or an afternoon with other knitters in our favourite Crimson Cafe in Putney (SW London). Oh - and since I'm German I don't really have to subscribe to the tea-solves-all philosophy, do I?
I'm really looking forward to this swap :)

hello from finland!

i love coffee! i was fourteen when i had my first (whole) cup of coffee and have enjoyed coffee ever since. i don´t drink coffee every day but when i do there is going to be some milk in my coffee. or i make a latte. or..

and i love knitting! i was in 5th grade when i learned how to knit. i made socks and they are still in use as a spare-guest socks in my mothers very cold floor house. i knitted mittens two years after. Then there were ten years without any knitting. i found knitting again few years ago. first i started to knit something easy to my kids and since haven´t stopped knitting!

here is cappucino with chocolate chips for everyone:

you can find me at joko knits

Friday, April 20, 2007

Knit It Again Sam...

Ok my name isn't Sam BUT this is the second time around for me in the Coffee Swap! And I am excited!! I can't wait to find out who my swap partner is so I can begin to gather things for his/her package!

Had to share this...

What are we going to do tonight brain?

The same thing we do every night: put the kids to bed get some coffee, a project, and blog away.
I was so glad to become part of this swap. Major happy dance! I heard about the first one too late...sigh. I can't imagine how b/c I love to drink coffee and I love to knit! they just go together.
I'm Allena and you can find my bloggy home here. I have 2 daughters and a hubby whom I talk about a lot. Along with anything else that comes to mind! I knit and crochet (gasp) LOL I also like to sew and bake, well those are the top of the list for me these days.
OK back to coffee..... giggle. I tried my first cup o joe when i was a freshman of high school. I had a paper route and we were living in upstate NY at the time, so it was really cold and early. So coffee is just a natural solution to those problems. Well that and my parents are coffee drinkers. I'd always loved the smell so it was just natural for me to try it. I've loved it ever since. I really enjoy trying new blends mostly. Sometimes I'll go for the flavors but i try to stick with the blends they just work wonders in my mouth.. anyways one of my fav blends is from California Coffee Roasters called Moka Java. It is awesome people! This place is great, they roast the coffee after you order then ship it quickly to you. When you get it it's glistening from it's own oils and the box! OMG the box, you can smell it 3 doors down. It's the greatest smelling box ever!
OK I'll stop and let other people get their intro's on!

Knit on coffee lovers, Knit on!

Greetings from the Pacific NW!

Hello! My name is Emiko and I'm really excited to be in my first swap ever. I'm also relatively new to knitting, as I only started in December last year, but I'm totally hooked. I just recently started a blog too, so I've got a lot of new things to experience.

I was ecstatic when I fell upon this swap and knew this was THE one to sign up for, as it incorporated my love for coffee and my newfound love of knitting. They really do go together.
I've been a coffee snob if you will for quite some time. So much so that I don't really care for the stuff they brew at work and bring in my thermos full of liquid gold from home. My boyfriend and I are big coffee lovers and we both like our coffee strong. We also usually buy our beans whole so that we can grind and brew them to our liking. It's great living near Seattle, as there are many coffee shops and roasters that I can try so that I'm never bored with the same ol' same ol'.

Look forward to this swap and getting to know everyone! :)


I'm a returning Coffee Swap participant--it was way fun last time, thanks so much for setting this up Knittymama!

I live in MN and have the obligatory two kids and dogs and one husband, none of whom knit. But at least DH drinks coffee. So he can share my appreciation for this swap.

Looking forward to reading your blogs!

Some extra Canadian content...

Hi Everyone - I'm Lisa in Ontario. Like all of you, my day doesn't really start until I've meditated over my first few sips of coffee. Having received my prerequisite morning drug of choice I am able to face the world without developing a paranoid complex about the other commuters on the bus, inappropriate crushes on bank tellers or cause a road rage incident that could easily close down a major highway for several hours. Caffeine makes the world a safer place.

I am also a knitter - prolific in starting projects and ridiculously sad about finishing them. I am a process knitter - more likely to give it away when I am done with it than keep it. I rarely knit for myself. I like knitting socks - great commuter knitting - and winter accessories. I am also a beginner nearing intermediate spinner so I have LOT of fibre in my life.

I am really looking forward to finding out who my partner will be and getting to know everyone here a lot better.

Hello from North Carolina!!!

I can already tell that this will be a FUN swap group! I love coffee, the stronger the better, love yarn, and love knitting. I am so glad to see some posts from the SE since I often feel like a lonely knitting fiend and wonder if it's because I live in the South.
My hubbie and son know that my only request on special days (like bday or mother's day) is for them to deliver my coffee, hot and strong, directly to my bedside, so I can reach out and imbibe before waking and definitely before speaking. After one cup they may talk to me and I may answer. By the middle of my second cup, I am able to function.
I look forward to getting to know all of you better, Jana @

Hello From Sunny Seattle

Hey there everyone! My name's Theresa, and as you may have guessed, I live in the lovely Pacific Northwest. And yes, there really were bright blue skies earlier today. Unfortunately, with those skies comes colder temperatures, but then that's what we have hot tasty beverages for, isn't it?

Technically, I learned to knit when I was seven, but I never did much with it then. All I remember is an olive green piece of garter stitch with one white stripe in it. It wasn't until five years ago that I really took up knitting. My first project ever was a lacy baby blanket. That taught me never to assume a project was beyond my skill. I moved quickly on to other challenges, sweaters, cables, socks... you name it, I've tried it. I'm even trying my hand at designing now. The first few are going to end up as patterns for the shop I work in, but after that, who knows.

Knitting isn't my first love though. I've been playing with plants since before I can remember. I've got a greenhouse in my basement where I grow orchids. Currently, I only have about 40 or so, but there's room for plenty more. If you thought knitting was an addictive hobby, try orchids!

Of course, right now finding time for any of my hobbies is a bit of a challenge. My nine month old daughter most definitely claims the majority of my time. Case in point, it's taken me over an hour to write this post. Figuring out how to manage my time better is high on my list of priorities. Maybe then I will be able to update my blog more. Actually, that one will be going away soon, and moving here. As you can see, the new one is still a work in progress, but hopefully it will be ready soon.

Oh, I was playing around with Photoshop a bit and made a few buttons you all can use if you wish. All I ask is that you download them to your own machines, rather than linking to my servers. Enjoy!

Hey, if anyone knows how to get rid of those white borders around my images, I'd love to know. My knowledge of CSS and HTML is limited, and has failed to help me figure this one out, despite messing with it for a while.

EDIT: OK, the borders just must be the way this blogger template is designed to display images. Perfectionist me will just have to live with it. ;)

Greetings & Salutations from Jersey

I am so excited to participate in the second coffee swap! I loved being in the first one. I loved the coffee my partner sent me and I had a blast shopping for her!

I have been drinking coffee since I was 17 and there is something about a warm luscious cup of joe. DH and I pride ourselves on making a decent cup and have enjoyed coffee from all parts of Latin America and parts of Europe. Me personally, I love nutty flavored coffee and my last pal got me this amazing Gingerbread coffee was oh so yummy. In college, I worked at a coffee shop and my favorite flavor was Hawaiian Hazelnut (it hd a li'l coconut).

I am very excited to meet my new partner and of course go shopping and of course drink coffee!

Hi from Connecticut

Where it's 70 degrees today! Finally!!!! I'm a married mom of 4 ages 18 to 24 and a gram of 3 ages 8 months to 4 yrs. I have 3 kids in college right now (oh the downfall of having all your kids close together) but I still spend wwwwaaayyyyy to much money on yarn. Coffee Swap 1 was so much fun that I couldn't wait for round 2. Looking forward to getting to "know" everyone.

Me too! Me too!

I got in, too! I was one of the overeager ones. Well, really it was a mistake because the email got sent too soon and by accident. But I dutifully sent again on the 16th and made it in! I have been knitting for a year--one more who has started up again after a looooooonnnnng hiatus (about 30 years). But since I started I've done hats, scarves, bags, sweaters. I taught myself to knit continental because I had knit English long ago and just never COULD get the hang of it! I started my first sock the other day. After the first evening of hand-to-hand combat with the dpns, I finally got the hang of it and have about 1/2" of ribbing so far!

I also spin. Have done that for years. I know. How could I spin but not knit? Just one of those things! I have a personal yarn goddess (happens to be my son's partner) who got me knitting because if I was spinning I should be knitting, too. I have way more fleece in my stash than I do yarn. In fact when I signed up for the UFO knitalong I had to ask if spinning projects counted!

The coffee part. What to say? If anyone is familiar with the Blood-Type diet, for my blood type coffee is like medicine it is so good for me! No, really! Could I make this up? I, too, have a fondness for fair trade coffees, don't like French Roast. Other than that, mmmmm. I drink it with milk, no sugar. Here in Asheville, NC anything recycled, sustainable, green and just plain politically correct is available, so if that's your thing, I can get it for you here! Can't wait to see who my pal is!

Laura Sue

Hi all

Thank you for asking me to visit your blog I'm looking forward to the coffee swap.
I love coffee and am really into tea these days. Have found a new tea shop at our local mall
called teavana so have got a nice stock of different teas, like the rooibos and herbal ones.
As for knitting right now am hook on socks and hats there easy to take along. I spend a lot of
time knitting as my DH is working and living in Alaska and I'm in Oregon.
Madknitter (Shannon)

Hello from Denver...

I am so excited to be coffee swaping again!!
Hello, I am sunne from Denver...

I love coffee! Although, I am really a non-discriminating hot drink drinker - chai, tea, coffee, all of them are wonderful! Coffee does however hold a special place. My husband and I get up and have coffee in bed every morning, we chat, watch the news, drink our coffee (I knit) then we start our day. I love that ritual!! And never again will I be able to drink coffee without that relaxing image, its such a nice way to start a day!! And at the moment, that hour(ish) is all the knitting time I get...

I am so thrilled to be doing this again! There is a wonderful indy coffee house by my store in Boulder - they have great coffee and cute totes! And my husband is excited about this exchange too, since last time I shared my wonderful box from Jess. He is still talking about all the wonderful treats - Thanks again Jess!!

Happy Knitting!!

wicked excited in maine

Hi All, yes I'm wicked excited to be part of this swap! Love coffee, and if it's darker and richer, oooh that's even better. Only two projects currently on the needles, but about a bazillion lurking in the wings. And plenty of stash to do most of them.... hmmm... Not sure how blogger will sign me, but I'm at knitnzu

Another So. Californian

Hi all! My name is Kamika and I live in Long Beach, CA. I've been knitting for about 3 years and I just recently picked crocheting back up as well. I'm single with no kids and a tea nut! I especially love herbal teas like Hibiscus and fruit infused with honey or black teas like Almond, Chai, or Mate with heavy creams and syrups. Love love love tea lattes. I love reading and creative projects as well as food! I've also lately been really building my craft book library.

I was so happy to get the invite for this swap as it is my FIRST! Yep, I'm a Swap Virgin. I look forward to sharing and speaking to many of you. To get the conversation started, feel free to stop by my blog or even steal my button!



i am a coffay lover. and a knitter. and i haven't had any coffay yet today, so please forgive me if this doesnt make any sense. i love me some full bodied yummy brew. i love to drink the whole pot o' coffay by myself and then run around the yard chasing my bebe boy and my dog. and then look behind me and see my DSH wondering what the hell he has gotten himself into. and then i run inside and start knitting some socks or a washrag. or think about tackling that WIP that has been sitting in the basket for a long time....

i added this photo so you can see how coffay affects me. i will know if you have sent me decaf.... ;)


Hi my name is Amanda and I'm a knit-a-cof-a-holic.

I love all things knitting, crochet, spinning, dyeing, and anything else having to do with yarn or yarn like substances. I'm an engineer by trade (you'd be surprised how well coffee goes with radiation) and in my spare time I run a very small yarn dyeing business.

I also love all things caffeinated. Coffee and tea are useless with out the caffeine. And I'm sad to say that after 5 years of engineering school I've built up quite a tolerance to the stuff, and I'm not really pleasant to be around until I've had it.

I'm very excited to be in this swap and I look forward to meeting my swap pal.


I made it, thought I hadn't, but I did!

So I'm on the list, woohoo! This is perfect, I love coffee, I love knitting, I love making gifts, I love choosing gifts, I love wrapping gifts, I love unwrapping gifts...ah happiness guaranteed!

I am in "was sunny for a while so we thought summer was here, but as a Scot knew it was too good to be true, and it was, because it's gone all cold again and the heating's back on" Aberdeen, Scotland. This is my first swap and I can't wait, I have just found the time again to really get back into knitting after a wee hiatus when even grabbing a 5 minute shower was a luxury (and sometimes still is!) baby boy arrived back in July last year and now he's just over 9 months I'm starting to find time to create again. I am slowly but surely reintroducing my body to caffeine after my caffeine-free pregnancy, one coffee a day and I still get the shakes sometimes, but it's worth it for a cup of the good stuff! I just drink a million cups of peppermint tea the rest of the time!

I like my coffee in various guises, I started drinking mocha because chocolate is gooood, but after a short spell as a barrista I came to appreciate coffee in all it's forms and drink them as my mood dictates, espresso is always good, but I do love to pour cream into a strong after-dinner coffee and watch it as it swirls back up to the surface!

Due to aforementioned circumstances, i.e. the baba, I rarely take on large knitting projects (because they always stay on the sticks), and tend to knit lots of little things, though I do aspire to knit a beautiful fairisle cardie someday. I love my double pins, and I like my size 2.75mm the best.

Looking forward to this swap and getting some knitty inspiration from all the new blogs I'm reading.

Hey All

I'm Necia, and I'm a knitter and coffee sipper out of Jersey City and all the 5 boroughs in NYC. I joined this swap by the skin of my teeth, and I'm oh so glad to have made the cuts. I've been drinking coffee since I was 2. My mama started me out with sips, and then my own oz or 2 in my sippy cup. I've been close to heaven ever since. My own 4 yo gets his sip on too.

This is my 2nd kind of coffee swap, and I'm as excited about this one as I was the first. I really enjoy walking through Soho, and sampling the perfect coffee for my partner. I enjoy highly flavored coffee. My favorite has to be an Egg Nog blend I found near the Holidays. I drink my coffee EXTRA Light, with 2t of sugar. Yummy. I also like strong, robust blend. Whatever my pal sends me should be ground, as sadly I don't have a grinder, and don't trust myself enough to use one with good results.

Well, can't wait for the matching process.


Hello newbie swapper

Hi there, I am a newbie coffee swapper and cant wait to be involved in this, I enjoyed reading here last time. I am from Scotland so not only is coffee a taste thing for me its also a keep warm thing too!!! Look forward to meeting/reading all the posts x

Happy Friday!

Just received my invite confirmation, and I am so glad I made it in! I am a semi new knitter who adores caffeine in any form, especially my morning mocha! I live in the beautiful foothills of Northern California, just east of Sacramento, and can't wait to meet other knitters from around the globe!

Caffeinated New Hampshire Knitter

Greeting from beautiful New Hampshire, where after recent snowstorms and then flooding, it's a beautiful and sunny 65 degrees today! The name of this swap says it all. I LOVE to knit ....I knit a lot...and just socks, basically. They're a quick project to finish, challenging, easy to complete, and easy to carry with me. :)
I've only been a coffee drinker for 10 years, but I'm certifiably a caffeine addict...I like light to medium blends. I ADORE Dunkin Donuts coffee...and I like how I drive up to the window and get my "fix"...made just the way I like it, with extra cream and Splenda! At home I have a Keuring coffee maker, that uses K-cups, and I use a variety of coffees, as long as they're caffeinated and not bold. (Hubby likes the extra bold stuff). Regular and flavored, they're all yummy. I love the single serving coffee maker, and my comfy Longaberger ceramic's like having a "wooby", or a "lovey", or a "blankie" if I was a coffee is a first thing in the morning "must have!"
BTW, I'm a SAHM of 3 boys (2 which are teens over 6 ft tall), and we homeschool. I'm also an RN (L&D, NICU), but now my full time job: MOM. We have 2 pups (Toby, a 12 yr old Shepherd Mix, and Annie, a 10 wk. old Schnoodle), 2 cats, and assorted little critters, including 2 ducks and our geriatric chicken, Sonja. :) I quilt as well, but not for the past 6 months...knitting only.
Like I mentioned, I love knitting socks...bright, bold colors...jewel toned, autumn colorways, etc...and I prefer natural fibers. Cookie A's patterns are my favorites, and I have a list of favorite yarns I like to work with on my blog sidebar.
Let the fun begin! Knittingly yours, Kris in NH "Schnauzermum"
So...I look forward to meeting all of you! I love spoiling other knitters with goodies, and getting to know others who love knitting and coffee as much as I do.


I'm delighted to be a part of this swap - what fun! :) I love coffee - especially strong, dark coffee and espresso. Fair Trade coffee is near and dear to my heart, and I love trying coffee from micro-roasteries. As far as knitting - I love to knit socks, and I'm a spinner so I love natural fibers (except I'm not a huge fan of cotton...) Looking forward to this swap! you can visit my blog at

Hello from the Midwest

Hello from the Midwest!! .... Specifically Wisconsin!

I'm VERY HAPPY to be a part of this swap... and looking forward to getting to know all of you! I introduced this swap to my coffee lovin' crocheter Mom, Simply Charming (Char).

I'm an avid knitter.. I love love LOVE everything to do with Yarn, Needles, Notions.. etc... I knit socks, sweaters, scarves, toys, baby sets, etc.. I love it all... I even knit items for my LYS.

As for my beverage of choice? I'm more of a TEA drinker than a coffee drinker... but enjoy the smell of coffees and can appreciate the finer blends... The teas I enjoy are endless.. I just bought a few new ones the other day from a local boutique, called Botanical Indulgence.

I look forward to the exchange being underway! Thank you the opportunity to take part!

Ann K.

A Warm Hello from the City by The Bay!

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to be able to participate in this fun swap! I Love Coffee and I love Yarn and all Fiber related activities.

Knitting is my favorite passtime in these here parts... So I am really happy to be able to couple two things I so enjoy --a hot cup of Java and Knitting!

I missed out on this cool swap last time and look forward to getting to know you all this time around:)

Hi from 'Not So Sunny' California!

Hello caffeinated knitsters. Happy to be among other addicts and looking forward to meeting & making new friends. My name is Susan and I have been actively knitting for the past five years. What began as a sometime hobby, quickly turned into a bit of an obsession. Like the rest of you, I have embraced my love for all things fiber and will always have more than one project on my needles at any given time. I have been a coffee lover for as long as I can remember and have no plans to kick the habit any time soon. Anyway, here is a little teaser for all the caffeine/fiber junkies. A nice cuppa Joe & Chevron scarf in Koigu......Hows that for an irresistible combo, eh????? Thanks for the invite & I hope everyone has a great weekend! Susan

Hello Caffeinated Knitters!

I'm so excited to be a part of this swap! I love coffee, I love knitting, ergo this should be a great time!

My name is Tracey. I'm currently blogless, though if I get a blog up and running I'll certainly post it. I'm working on one, I just need a) more free time and b) courage. Wonder if no one reads it? Or, worse yet, wonder if lots of people read it? Ack.

So a little about me: I knit. I drink coffee. But you already knew that. Duh. I just drink coffee now. I used to live it. I worked for a coffee company, as their Real Estate Representative. Basically I drove around all hopped up on caffeine looking for new locations in which to put a store. N0, it was not Starbucks. A little coffee company called Caribou Coffee. Good coffee, good people (for the most part). It was enjoyable work but I wanted to get paid more. (Which I do now, thankfully.)

I recently got back into knitting and I am loving it! I have way too many projects on the needles, as they say, but I'm learning this is not an oddity. I'll post some pics (can we do that on here?) when I complete a few more projects. There's something so satisfying about a finished project. A "wow - I made this" type of a feeling. Very satisfying. I think it's called pride.

I have a (soon-to-be) husband, a (soon-to-be) step-daughter and two little doggies, so my life is quite busy. Oh, and, I'm going to be an aunt! My (soon-to-be) SIL is having a little baby boy. I have many, many things planned for this little guy.

I'm looking forward to meeting some knitters. I have far too few knitters in my life.

Yet Another Intro

I see lots of names I know and some I haven't met yet! I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

I wasn't involved in the first Knitter's Coffee Swap, but when I found out about this, I knew I had to join. My true loves: Coffee and knitting. What more could someone want? I'm so glad I made it in and I think I got in just under the wire.

My name is Adelle, I am 51, widowed for five years, have two kids still at home, one a severely disabled teenage son. I am a writer by profession but am on a hiatus, considering early retirement, and just keeping myself quite busy.

I'm not sure what all will be involved in the swap here, but I know the people (either personally or by reputation) enough to know this will be a lot of fun. I love swaps, not just because of the cool stuff you get and send, but because of the incredibly special people you get to meet. That is the best part of all of it.

My blog is at I have others but I am revamping, associating with a network and doing some things I want to do rather than things I have to do in order to keep the "work plate" full. I find that rather relaxing! My blog is fairly new so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Oh, I also own the Enchanted Sweater Knit Along blog, so if you would like to join in with us on that, we would love to have you. It is at - it is my "dream sweater" and although I have been playing catch up with some other things to get more UFOs into FOs, am thus am a bit behind, I will be devoting myself to that soon.

Looking forward to all the activity here and getting to know you all!


Another Southern Greeting!

Hi all, I just got my invite this morning! I settled in here this morning with my cuppa joe and am casting on for my lastest project, the Turtleneck Tube Vest from Stephanie Japel's latest book Fitted Knits. Go check out the KAL.
I am from TN and have only been knitting since last June. I bought a kit to learn to knit while making a baby hat and booties. My next project after that was about a dozen cable purses for Christmas presents! (They're addicting!) Since then I have made 3 sweaters and have two more on the needles, with hundreds on my To-Do list! I learned to crochet at an early age, so when I was learning to knit I found that continental knitting was similar to crochet in how you held the yarn. After that it was easy and now I'm a continental knitter!
I am so glad I got in this round! I just love meeting new people from all over the world. Come on over and check out my blog!

Just to Clarify....

When you get you're Blogger invite, that is also your Coffee Swap invite, so once you've gotten that, you're in!

Glad to see so many contest entries already!!!


I'm Jenn from Arkansas, coffee-lover and knitter. I'm currently getting my MA in English, so the coffee drinking really helps me study, and the knitting keeps me relaxed!

I'm so excited that I managed to squeak into this swap--I was thrilled that someone thought to combine two of the best things ever into a fun swap. :) My boyfriend mocks me for my coffee obsessions--I haven't bought an espresso maker (though I have one of the stovetop variety), but I have many other implements of coffee creation, down to a milk frother.

I picked up knitting in college and have been steadily building my next stop? Socks. I've become obsessed. I really, really, really want to learn to knit socks. And I will--as soon as I finish the other projects that are on my needles... (Oh, socks).

I have two blogs, one is my knitting group blog The Kniterati and the other is my literature blog Poems, Prose, or Parody. Feel free to pop by!

Wyoming Hello

Hi everyone! I am so glad to be here. I just discovered swaps after joining tons of KAL's. I've been knitting most of my life, with a gap in there to raise a family, work, take care of elderly parents. You get the picture. The proverbial piece of meat in between two pieces of bread. Sandwich generation anyone? Coffee is not just an indulgence for me. It is a necessity. My DH says I should really take it in the arm. Would save time grinding all those beans. My other loves are knitting and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. This is my first Coffee Swap, so can't wait for things to kick into gear.
My hometown is Cody, Wyoming. Just a gorgeous place 45 miles from the Eastern entrance to Yellowstone. Truly God's country. The nice part is there is a gourmet coffee shop here, with little coffee kiosks all over town. Whoohoo. No withdrawal for this kid. Can't wait to meet my pal. Happy knitting to all!

Hey everybody!

Hi y'all!I am LaVerna from Texas and this is my second go around.I love to knit and drink cawfee.I had such a great partner last time.Deborah.She's a great gal from NJ.You should check out her blog.She is a funny lady!Whoever gets here for a partner will be truly blessed.
I just wanted to say Hi to everyone returnong and new.Special thanks to our hostess Knittymama for deciding to do another round for all us sleep deficient,hyper caffeinated,just a couple more rows and then I will go to bed knitters!

Woo Hoo!

I'm pretty excited! Like some of the rest of you, this is my first swap. What fun. I'm from Boise, Idaho and, as my blog name suggests, I re-found knitting after a many-year hiatus. I learned to knit when I was fourteen or so and knit quite a bit right through high school and college. But after our children came along, the knitting sort of sneaked off to boxes and bins in the garage.
Hubby (frequently referred to as the Curmudgeon) and I have been married almost 36 years, and during that time I've pursued many creative outlets - everything from batik and cross-stitch to quilting and crochet. A few years ago I suffered a severe depression and spent way too much time vegging out. As I began to work my way back to the light, so to speak, I needed something to do that didn't take up much room. (I wasn't considering the possibility of serious addiction and stash building.) Knitting fit the bill and I decided to start with some socks, which was ironic because I had no idea there was a sock knitting revival going on. I was surprised, when I went to the LYS, that they had so many sock patterns and sock yarns.
Soon after that I discovered knitting blogs and all the other great resources available to knitters on the Internet. All those free patterns! All those great places to shop! And all those knitters out there sharing their knitting experiences with us all. All those books about knitting!
I'm one of those people cursed with startitis - I love to start new projects. But finish all of them? Not so much... Lately I have managed to complete a few things but I still have plenty of projects languishing on needles, stashed here and there, waiting to be taken up again.
And coffee? There's nothing better than a cup of hot, fresh coffee at hand and knitting in the hands. I'm looking forward to meeting my partner and reading more from all the rest of you.

What a day!

Hey everyone. So glad that I was able to jump onto the "ride" before it shut down!

I've been knitting for 9, or so, years. Not an expert but not a beginner. Somewhere in the wonderful in between. LOVE sock yarn - all of those colors make you want to scoop them up and hug them.

I'm also a coffee nut. We've got our own espresso machine and make lattes almost every day.

Well, gotta go and do some yarn shopping - it's my birthday! DH said I can do whatever I want and I aim to do it!

See you on the blogs!

I Made It!!!!

I'm sooo excited about being a part of this swap. I confess, I have 3 addictions, knitting , coffee and swaps/exchanges. It's a wonderful way to meet lots of nice people who have a common interest.

I started knitting about 2 years ago-I would say I'm an advanced beginner. I love learning new things everyday. I'm currently in the SP10, Discloth KAL, Magic Yarn Ball Swap, Book Swap, and Tote Exchange. Through my swaps and exchanges, I'm learning that there are a lot of creative people out there.

I am married and have a son in college. Now that he is away in school, I can focus more on perfecting my knitting.

In a nutshell--- that's me!

Another Greeting from the South

YAY - I'm so excited to get in this round! I live in Flowery Branch, Georgia which is between Atlanta and Gainesville, GA. Its a small little town that is beginning to feel the big city suburbs encroching on it. Which can be good and bad. I'm hoping for good. ANYWAY . . . . Let me introduce myself.

I've been knitting for about a year and a half and loving it. My husband now does research when we travel. Where are the knitting stores AND Starbucks on the route we are taking. GRIN!! What a great man!!! As much as I love Starbucks for being everywhere, I also love to find those off the wall independent coffee stores too. And actually, I guess I like my yarn stores the same way.

My mother taught me to knit the way my father's mother taught her to knit. And she started me of with a scarf and she taught me to cast on, knit a row and then purl a row. I think as a result, I have no fear of purl. ;) I LOVE TO KNIT. I've done other hobbies over the years, but so far this one has stuck on the longest. I think because it has so much variety and at the same time continuety. (I spelled that one wrong)

I had the goal of making this a learn how to do socks and lace year, but a minor car accident has put that to a "Screeching" halt. And in a way, its a blessing. I am fine, but x-rays show that I am developing arthritis in my neck, so I must make sure to not do marathon knitting sessions and take many breaks along the way. Which is not a bad thing, just kind of makes the thought of doing shawls or long term projects even longer and so, I'm going to table those plans until we get everything under control. Then, watch out!!!

Enough of me blathering, I'm just excited and ready to get to know new friends. And try new coffee!

Yay! I've arrived!

Hello to all! Thank you for inviting me! What a geat first blog experience, first swap, first affiliation with a knitting group...hard to believe I made it to 50 before I did any of these things. It's so very exciting! I've come back to knitting after a 40 year hiatus (my dear departed Grama taught me when I was a child). My daughter talked me into a beginners class last year and there's been no stopping since. The two of us have spent some good quality time sitting and knitting in my cramped little sewing room-turned knitting lounge. I like to knit socks with intricate cuff patterns and have been combing the internet for ever-more-challenging designs. Thank you to all who are feeding my need. I'm a quilter, crocheter, sew garments and read a good novel a few pages at a time (fewer since the yarn and needles snuck into my life). I'm having some great laughs right now with Yarn Harlot's Cast Off. My adoring husband and I have 4 adult children, 2 grandchildren, 2 dogs and 5 granddogs. I'm so excited about the coffee swap! There's nothing like a good strong cup on a beautiful sunny morning like this one. Thanks again for inviting me, I'm honored, truly! Have a great day! PS: Glad the little one is feeling better.

Checking in, happy to be here!

Hi Everyone!

I got my invite and wanted to check in to say hi! I wasn't in round one but I love coffee and am psyched to be participating in round two! Have a great weekend!!!
-Erin (

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Hi everyone, I'm prettyknit, I have re-discover the joy of knitting two year ago after being apart from the world of knitting for 15 years. I 'm totally addicted this time, mostly because of the access of internet, I can communicate with all the knitters around the world and all the information about knitting. Knitting will not be along again!! and the fun of swap!!
Beside knitting, coffee is my other addiction, I have at least one coffee a day, mostly ice coffee on the work day, but Sunday morning, my husband made me a special coffee mix with hot heaven.
here are a few button I made..hope yours like it.