Thursday, May 31, 2007

Contest #3

I would knit this pattern in the exact colors the pattern lists. It's been on my wish list for almost a year now. Just have to lose this baby weight! Brown is one of my favorite colors to wear, and I love fair-isle knitting.

contest #3

I'm picking this yarn
Knit picks Merino Style in cinnamon

and I seen the ribby cardi from chic knits done with a pretty lace pattern up the sleeves.
for the life of me I can't find the link to it now....

but thats what I'd like to knit.


many many thanks

I have already made it a point to thank my swap partner but i wanted to stop by here and thank you all who have made this so fun. I'll be posting pics later today of the wonderful things that susan sent me. Thanks again for this coffee swap

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Contest #3

I can't wait to cast on this cute t...with this Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Buckwheat that looks like a nice creamy cup of strong-like-I-like-it coffee...Thanks for another great contest!

Contest # 3

Here is my pic for yummy - coffee colored yarn. It's artyarns supermerino in color 137 aka my cup o' joe.

At 4.5 stitches per inch, it's perfect for this pattern by Wendy Bernard...."Something Red". Of course, in this case it's "Something Coffee".

Since I already have this pattern, I think I may have found my choice of yarn to create it.


Contest Three

Summer is fast approaching, with her the heat (and for some "lucky" few, humidity). Thinking of knitting in my hammock, I must look to summer tops and fibers that add elegance with summer wear-ability. For the third knitter's coffee swap contest, I have chosen a short sleeved cardigan pattern from Classic Elite Yarns, the "Flash Garter Stitch Cardigan" designed by Tian Foley. The coffee-inspired yarn, "Rock", from South West Trading Company, is made up of 40% soysilk, 30% wool, and 30% hemp and the colorway name is "Thom" #759. Smooth and rich, like my coffee. The accessory buttons to accent this cardigan are by Mish Mosh Art by Suzanne Lappan found on Etsy. They are made of handpainted polymer clay and stamped in a graphic swirl design. Each measures about 1 inch by 1 1/8 inch. Divine!

Swap Package Received

On Friday, I received a wonderful wealth of goodies from my swap partner, Cheryl. I've got more details on my blog.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Got my package Friday!

My wonderful swap partner, Susan, sent me a box full of goodies.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

See more on my blog.

Name this yarn contest!

Hi everyone, in honor of the knitter's coffee swap and my new pal Sunne, I'd (as in whiteoakstudio) like to have a contest (knittymama and Kathy aka mistress of contests get to enter! yay!). I have already decided the name (and reason for the name) for this yarn. The person who correctly names this coffee-inspired yarn wins some of this yarn. Here are the guidelines (just fyi, did you know that the latest office politics require that we no longer have "rules"? nope. now we have "guidelines" :-) ):

  • the yarn in my etsy shop whiteoakstudio has colorways named after tv shows or movies (that you can watch on tv, i.e. dvds)

  • remember it's coffee-inspired - the colorway has rich espresso for us diehards, creamy foam, cinnamon color for spice-flavor lovers, and some deep pink for those of you who just have to have some flavor added like peppermint or hazelnut.

To enter, send me an email at whiteoakstudio AT yahoo DOT com and in your email make sure you have these 3 things:

  1. your first name (or blog-handle) so I can announce you as the winner

  2. your guess for the NAME of the yarn

  3. your guess for the REASON why the coffee-inspired yarn should have that name

You have until 5pm on Friday, June 1 '07 to send me email with your entry. If more than one person has the correct answer, my son will draw one name of those correct entries out of his Harley hat (that my brother gave him and I was not amused). GOOD LUCK!

p.s. I already have colorways with these names, so it is NOT one of these: Friends, Sleepless in Seattle, Survivor, I Love Lucy, The Color Purple, C.S.I., Law and Order, Sex and the City, Out of Africa, True Grit, Rooster Cogburn, Sunset Boulevard, Anne of Green Gables, Desperate Housewives, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Grey's Anatomy, Medium, Green Acres, American Idol, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Pink Panther, Sesame Street, Gilligan's Island, Three's Company, MASH, The Color of Money, Hawaii Five-o, Three Men and a Baby, The X-Files, Monk, The Wizard of Oz, The Fellowship of the Ring, Twilight Zone, and Ocean's Eleven (whew)

Package on way!

I finally made it and your package is on it's way!!


I think my package to my pal, lovely & sweet Jenn, may have been picked up by someone or the P.O.
This is just a post to make fair warning about getting the insurance and confirmation options from the USPS.
I really am thinking her package was swiped somehow. I get the I & C and this is the one stupid time I decided to not push for it ( I would like to blame the screaming munchkin on my arms, but that is irresponsible and not fair to the screaming munchkin).
So please - spend the extra time! ACK!
I am giving it one more day ( it has been almost two weeks on a two-day package ) and I am going to make her package all over again....< sigh >

Monday, May 28, 2007

Contest #3

I would knit the long-sleeved cardigan version of Eris, with BFL from Wooly Wonders by Nada, in the dark brown shown here, or the Coffee with Extra Cream colorway.

Thank you and danke to Diane

On Saturday I was greeted with a simply fantastic package from my fabulous swap partner Diane. I have been thoroughly spoiled by her and am gobsmacked by the amount of goodies she has sent me from the other side of the pond. See my blog for details of all the wonderful contents.

Thank you so much D, and thank you Knitty mama for hosting such a great swap and pairing me with a totally magic partner.

Happy knitting and coffee drinking to all!

Comp No3 entry- Yarny goodness and pattern

OOOh this is a good one I love it, I would use two yarns: 100% alpaca in natural brown and one of my handdyesin colour cocoa dream.

The pattern is an easy one for me, I have had my eye on it for ages and i WILL WILL WILL make it sometime, I think its so pretty. Its arm warmers by blue sky alpacas, I just think they are beautiful and different, which makes them no1 for me!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

~ My Entry ~

Here is my submission ~ Enjoy!

I'd use this ~ Shetland Humbug ~ from here.

To create this ~ Capecho ~ more details here.

I'd call it ~ "My Mocha Capp."

Great contest idea ~ thx for the fun. ;D

Contest #3

I'd have to use Samurai Knitter's Coffee Yarn:

I'd use it to knit the "Jacobean" socks. ;-)

What a Pal!

I received this from Anne yesterday:

Look at all the goodies in this treat box: Caribou Coffee, Ghiradelli chocolate, goldfish, note pads, note cards and yarn-Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Crazy Woman (how fitting is that!) and Noro Cash Iro. And don't forget the luscious Yardley soap. And all this is after she sent me this a couple of weeks ago:

Thank you so much, Anne. You are a super, A#1 swap pal.
How did she know that Mountain Colors and Noro are two of my favorites? Wow!

Contest # 3 Entry

Fun idea! Here's the yarn I'd choose, the appropriately named Cafe au Lait from See Jayne Knits:

I think I'd be tempted to turn it into a coffee cup, complete with coffee:

With soy milk, of course, for the lactose intolerant among us. :-(

Contest #3 Entry

I wanted to post a link to one of my favorite etsy shops and her yarn. It is so nice and soft and the prices are great. She is very talented and helpful. Here is the Yarn

Here is a pattern that I'd like to try

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My entry for contest #3

Well I think I'd use the following 2 Louet Gems yarn (mustard and sandalwood)

And I'd knit the Mocha Latte Anklets pattern from p2designs. The anklets look so cute don't they? I just happened to find them while looking for ideas of what I'd want to knit with coffee coloured yarn.

Sunne sent me a great coffee swap package! There were 4 skeins of a yummy cotton/cashmere Noro yarn, some of her coffee-themed stitchmarkers from her etsy store, fresh roasted coffee beans, chocolate cookies, a an awesome "protector" dog-angel charm for my dog Scout! thanks Sunne!

well I'm biased but I'd use "Sleepless in Seattle" yarn (left) from my etsy store with this great sock pattern from Wildhorse Farm Designs: Metropolis.

Contest #3

So here's my pick for favorite "coffee" colored yarn. Oh Yea! Can't you just smell a fresh pot brewing??? A little flavored cream & you are good to go!
Oh boy, do I *heart* Rowan Yarns. This is Rowan's silk wool Dk #308 in Brownstone. Don'tch just want to lick it??? (I know I do!) Isn't that the snuggliest sweater ever???? I can see this going out on the town (Love how the ribbing adds structure & fit) or curling up w/your most comfortable jammies. (fuzzy bunny slippers are optional) ** Very yummy design. Find it here.

Knittymama for all the fun and I'm soooo looking forward to the NEXT???? swap! I have made another fabulous Knitting Friend - Mandie!!! woot woot - What a wonderful exchange. Thanks again.


Friday, May 25, 2007


I love STR, so I think I would chose the Mudslide colorway. And I would knit the
Lace Edged Hat from Hats Gloves Scarves.

Barb, you're the best!!!

My fantastic partner, Barb sent me a lovely parcel of goodies, which arrived at the perfect time!! Last night was my big writing night that I'd set aside to tackle my final essay for my philosophy course. I was so dragged out and tired when I got home from work, but what was sitting there waiting for me, but a package of treats fit for a queen! Chocolate coffee, irish cream coffee, yarn, stitch markers and caramel kisses (where have these been hiding all my life that I'd never found them before???) I brewed a big pot of the Chocolate coffee and thankfully it kept me fueled well into the night! I'm almost done the essay... but I think it's going to take another pot of coffee. I wonder if Irish Cream is though provoking as chocolate? Ha ha! I can attest to the fact that there's nothing like chocolate flavoured coffee to boost a girl in the morning either! The yarns she sent are absolutely delectable too! The green is so soft and pretty and the lopi is such an amazing colour! And who can resist cotton? I love hand knit dish cloths (you have to admit they are the best for sure!) and now I can just grab my handy ball of cotton and make one any time I want! I think it would be a perfect bus knitting project! Small, quick and easy to do!

Thank you Barb, for your generousity and fantastic taste!!!! I'll be sending your parcel out really soon!

London Goodies

Thank you, thank you, my dear coffee-drinking, caffeine-addicted, across-the-Atlantic friend for the package! The picture doesn't do it justice. Such good wonderful items I have received! I love this swap. I love coffee. With the American three-day weekend coming up, I can't wait to start on, tee-hee, yet another project with my new yarn. Maybe the caffeine will, probably not. I will still have a number of projects scattered throughout my house and life to finish up, but why would that wool just sit there when it could become some jazzed-up socks on my feet? Rhetorical question. Check out my blog for more details of the package.

Mmm dreaming of yarn!

Well what a fab excuse to dream of yarn and projects!
This lovely stuff is Alchemy Synchronicity in colour Twig. It's lush, 50% silk/50% merino, but comes in at a hefty £14.95 for 50g!

and I would knit this fab Alchemy Boudoir Jacket with it, I love the way it looks like it would swing really nicely, totally dreamy! Though it requires 8 skeins, which equals a small fortune (a little under £120 or $240), oh well one can but dream!

I would probably finish it with a contrasting cream ribbon round the neck, or this yummy olivewood button!

I'm off to dream up more projects, though perhaps something a little smaller and a little nicer on my purse!

Final Contest!!!!

Wow, what amazing packages you are all sending to each other. I absolutely love seeing the time, thoughtfulness and generousity that you all have put into this swap! Maggie sent me an amazing package. What absolutely gorgeous stuff she gifted to me: some of the most beautiful roving and alpaca yarn, Peace Coffee in a blend I had yet to try. Muffin mix and homeade jam (we ate it all already!) chocolate, and goodies from her farm. Such lovely, lovely stuff!! Maggie's package should arrive at her door tomorrow, I hope. Maggie, I hope you love it as much as I love mine!! :-)

Now for our final contest! Lots of goodies to give out here: Three sets of Sharon's soaps, llama roving from Caffeinated Knitter , some Cherry Tree Hill from our own Mistress of Contests, Kathy, and a project bag from me. Did I miss anything? If anyone else had a prize to donate for the last round, just let me know.

So what do you do?

1. Find a coffee colored yarn that you love.
2. Find the perfect pattern for that yarn.
3. Post the links to both by June 1oth, and label it Contest #3

That's it! If figured this is a fun way to be introduced to new yarns and patterns that we might not normally see. Have a lovely weekend everyone! (American's, enjoy your three day weekend!)

Your hostess,

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kate - Its on its way!!!!!

Despite many technical difficulties (on my part), I finally got Kate's package in the mail. Hopefully it will make it through customs and she'll have it within 6-10 business days.

Hope you enjoy!!!!!

Got my package!

I got my awesome package from my coffee pal Emiko! Check out what she got me! Some great Duet sock yarn and all sorts of tasty coffee goodies! You've been a great swap partner Emiko! I can't wait for the next Coffee Swap!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

mmmmmmm coffay!

Jenn! Your package came. It is AWESOME!!!
The chocolate is gone, the biscotti are amazing! I think I am going to make some leggings for Oscar out of the yarn - red-orange will look good with his shorts, and if he gets hot it is an easy change. The coffee is yummy! I made a pot of the Farmers Market. Yum! I have to check with Clinton, but I think we may have stopped in fayetteville on our last trip across country..But it may have been West Virginia.
The book is not only beautiful, it is really really nice with all the pens I have. Oscar became jealous though. I had to let him have some doodle time with some crayons. It will make the doodles more interesting when I get to the pages he managed to get to.
Sporadic an artist is he and he doesnt like a dirty page.

Thank you Kim!

For a first time "Swapper" I really enjoyed the box of goodies I received from my Coffee Swap-mate, Kim!

After a "trying" day at work, it was just what I needed to perk me up!!

I love everything!!

Check out my blog for more details.

Thanks Knittymama! This was so much fun!!!


My package from Jana

My package arrived yesterday from Jana. I should have taken a better photo of the coffee, it is by far the best packaged coffee that has ever entered my house!! I can't wait to grind some beans tonight for morning coffee tomorrow! (And its cold and rainy here so the coffee will taste extra good - it always does in that weather!) There is beautiful sock yarn from her amazing etsy store and a cool sock pattern! She indulged my skull addiction, sent a beautiful card and her dog Scout, even sent me a notebook :) Thank so much Jana!! I love it all!!

And thanks to Knittymama for hosting another great swap (and making good pairings)!!

My swap package arrived!

My swap package from Laura arrived yesterday - details and photos on my blog. Thank you so much, Laura!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Package from Lia Arrived

What a great weekend! I started off feeling a bit stressed when I went home on Friday, only to find a package from my swappee Lia. My package couldn't have come at a better time. Having moved to San Diego from Vermont, it was nice to get some organic Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Coffee from my old town. The toasted almond tastes wonderful (my boyfriend is proof - as he's been sneaking it into the pot this whole weekend to make me share it with him.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lia and thanks Knitty Mamma for holding such a great swap. Lia - keep a look out for your package - it's already on the way.

More details on my blog.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Package from Chrissie

Knitter's Coffee Swap My swap partner is Chrissie and this came all the way from Singapore. Everything is great and I can't wait to try the different coffees. (more details on my blog). I am wrapping up my shopping for her and will be mailing it soon. I want to thank Knittymama for hosting such a wonderful swap. I am looking forward to doing it again!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Latte Art

A friend sent this to me, knowing my love of coffee and art. I want to share with the coffee swap group. Enjoy!

Friday, May 18, 2007

My 100th Post Contest

Sorry to interrupt your coffee fun but you'll be glad I did. I'm having a contest on my blog for my 100th post. You'll have to come to my blog to see the prize ;-) If you'd like to enter, click here. Good luck!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

I know it's too late...

but I finally got the blasted camera to work!!!

Here's my late contribution to the Still Life collection. The bag originally held green (unroasted) coffee beans upon delivery to my local independent coffee shop. A wonderful gal named Kristi roasts her own beans every week. I picked up this bag from her a while back and had no idea what I would do with it at the time - but it seems to capture the spirit of the swap!

Maybe I'll get more organized for the next contest.

My Package Arrived!

Look at all the pretty stuff I got from my partner Amy! I've given a detailed description in my new blog (that Amy talked me into) -snickering. Ally B, that's me!

Thank you Knitty-mama for a load of fun! This was a great experience and an all-new adventure for me. Guess wasn't too old to learn to blog...

Happy knitting to all! I'll be looking forward to the next swap! And stalking everyone's blogs looking for new ideas and motivation.

Still Life Winners!!

Good Morning Coffee Mavens!

There were some awesome entries into this contest - it was an extremely difficult decision to select winners from your pictures and poetry!

However - there has to be a winner - or two!

I have selected




as our winners! Please email me your snail mail addresses to

Congratulations Ladies!! Awesome job!

Have a great day everyone!

Kat - Your Contest Mistress!

Package received!

Check out all my goodies on my blog!My partner Monica was way more than generous.She makes gorgeous stitch markers for sale.You should check them out.She made some just for me in my favorite colors!Thanks ever so much Monica!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Pal is the Greatest!

I received my package from Laura and it completely knocked my socks off! She really went above and beyond. You can read all about the great goodies she sent on my blog. Thanks again Laura!

Wonderful Package Received Today!!!

I received a wonderful, wonderful coffee package from Erin!
Woo-Hoo! I have truly been spoiled...come to my blog
to read all the details...Keuring K-cups of Nantucket and Gloria Jean's Hazelnut coffees, 2 skeins of Mama E's C*Eye*Ber Fiber Sock Yarn in the Lexie colorway (it looks just like coffee with cream in it!), Bodycoffee
and so much more! I'll go post my rantings and gushings over on the blog now. Happy Knitting, and Thank You, Erin! :)

Still life with coffee!

Good Morning everyone!

Stay tuned for two more winners later on today. I will be selecting winners from all the amazing photos that you posted with coffee and yarn... what an awesome combination!!

So keep checking back for the winners!

Your busy Mistress of Contests - Kat

Monday, May 14, 2007

Got my package!

I got my package my from my super swap pal mistressannie. I was overwhelmed by all the stuff she got me! You can check out details on my blog. I'm so excited to have some new coffee to sip on for the next couple of weeks (if it lasts that long, hehe). Thank you so much Annie! You've been a wonderful pal for my first swap ever and I had a lot of fun! :) Your package will be sent out in the next day or two, so keep an eye out for it!

Coffee and Soap

Posted with kittymama's permission....

For one of the contests, I don't know which one yet, I have donated some wonderful Natural Coffee Soap, made with freshly brewed Hazelnut coffee, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil and cocoa butter, and Mochacinno Lip Butter, made with coffee butter, cocoa butter and vanilla infused olive oil. All put together in a lovely reusable tote bag.

There are now only 4 bars leftover of the soap, after the contest donations of course, that I have placed on my web site, Sharon's Soaps N' Stuff, on a first come first served basis. Remember to mention you are from the coffee swap and I will make to throw in an extra goodie for you.



I just have to make a general comment on all the wonderful still life photos of coffee and knitting that were submitted here. You people are all amazingly talented! I love the pictures!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

my still life post

This is my "gilmore girls" shawl. I work on this while watching the show on tuesday nights. I thought it would go well with my new coffee mug that i got on my last trip to canada. I hope you all enjoy the pic. I really enjoyed taking it.

Contest #2 Still Life Coffee and Yarn

Mmmm Cappumerino!

Package received!!!!

I received my package yesterday! It's absolutely wonderful. Check out the details on my blog. Thank you again Kerry!

Still Life with Coffee

Today's still life photo comes courtesy of the Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival, where I bought this festive mug, and courtesy of my Coffee Swap pal, Aleta (sadly blogless--shall we all encourage her now to start a blog? Because I know from emails that she's very articulate). This is by no means everything Aleta sent me in my package--she was uber generous, and I'll update my own blog with all the details. But just look at the yummy coffee, yarn, and stitch markers! Thank you so much, Aleta, and your package goes in the mail this week!

And thanks to KnittyMama for another wonderful swap!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

One more day!!!

Don't forget to get in your photo or poem for our second contest. Win some fabulous prizes!!! I am so impressed with all of you and your creativity. The pictures and poems are fabulous and are really making the blog a lot of fun. Hope to see some more put up this weekend!!!

To all our mothers in the swap, have a beautiful Mother's Day!


Anything but still

It looks like still life, but it isn't quite. While I was running outside the café in order to have the word 'coffees' the right way around, a couple was looking at me as though I was utterly insane. Anyone who knows me wouldn't put me in the same sentence as 'still' life in any case...