Friday, April 20, 2007

Hi from 'Not So Sunny' California!

Hello caffeinated knitsters. Happy to be among other addicts and looking forward to meeting & making new friends. My name is Susan and I have been actively knitting for the past five years. What began as a sometime hobby, quickly turned into a bit of an obsession. Like the rest of you, I have embraced my love for all things fiber and will always have more than one project on my needles at any given time. I have been a coffee lover for as long as I can remember and have no plans to kick the habit any time soon. Anyway, here is a little teaser for all the caffeine/fiber junkies. A nice cuppa Joe & Chevron scarf in Koigu......Hows that for an irresistible combo, eh????? Thanks for the invite & I hope everyone has a great weekend! Susan

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Knit Me said...

Oh--your scarf is lovely. I've been reading all over about the Koigu scarf and every picture makes me want to start one immediately. Wear it proudly-