Friday, April 20, 2007

Hello Caffeinated Knitters!

I'm so excited to be a part of this swap! I love coffee, I love knitting, ergo this should be a great time!

My name is Tracey. I'm currently blogless, though if I get a blog up and running I'll certainly post it. I'm working on one, I just need a) more free time and b) courage. Wonder if no one reads it? Or, worse yet, wonder if lots of people read it? Ack.

So a little about me: I knit. I drink coffee. But you already knew that. Duh. I just drink coffee now. I used to live it. I worked for a coffee company, as their Real Estate Representative. Basically I drove around all hopped up on caffeine looking for new locations in which to put a store. N0, it was not Starbucks. A little coffee company called Caribou Coffee. Good coffee, good people (for the most part). It was enjoyable work but I wanted to get paid more. (Which I do now, thankfully.)

I recently got back into knitting and I am loving it! I have way too many projects on the needles, as they say, but I'm learning this is not an oddity. I'll post some pics (can we do that on here?) when I complete a few more projects. There's something so satisfying about a finished project. A "wow - I made this" type of a feeling. Very satisfying. I think it's called pride.

I have a (soon-to-be) husband, a (soon-to-be) step-daughter and two little doggies, so my life is quite busy. Oh, and, I'm going to be an aunt! My (soon-to-be) SIL is having a little baby boy. I have many, many things planned for this little guy.

I'm looking forward to meeting some knitters. I have far too few knitters in my life.


Knit Me said...

Yeah! Did/do you live in Minneapolis? I have been a customer at the Lake Street store in Wayzata for years. A higher salary = and increased yarn budget. Best wishes on your wedding-

tracey said...

Hey Knit Me! Yes, I live in the Minneapolis area, St. Paul actually. The Lake Street store in Wayzata is one of my favorites! Increased yarn budget is a bad, bad thing...Luckily future husband combats my yard / purse / shoe addiction with logic! Thanks for your well wishes.