Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hey Coffeeswappers!

I hope you've been having a wonderful summer. It's already time for me to start thinking about our next swap, but before I post a few ideas about that I wanted to make sure that everyone is settled from the last swap. I had a few people who needed angels and a few who thought they might but then said their package was on the way. Did everyone get a package? I don't want anyone to be left feeling glum about their experience with this swap.

Moving on to FALL SWAP INFO!!!! ( I know you are excited about this, but don't sign up quite yet:-)

Their will be a fall swap (October) and this might be the last one I do, not sure yet. The first swap wasn't that tough as I limited it to about 50 people so it felt very manageable. This last one was well over a hundred and as much fun as it was, it took my life over a bit for quite awhile and I still don't feel like it is quite wrapped up yet. So here's what I'm thinking of:

-Keeping it open to a bigger group but using Swapbot to do the matches. This would be easier for me but then I can't try to match people up with similar interests, allergies, needs, international, etc.

-Limiting it to 50 again. This means a lot of people get left out and I like to include everyone as much as possible.

-Not being a total control freak and realizing that I should get a couple co-hostesses who have done the swap before, preferable with swap experience. My only worry with this is that someone will volunteer and either flake or just not do that great of a job with it.

Okay people, now is when you bombard me with ideas and suggestions! :-) I know there will be lots!