Friday, April 20, 2007

Greetings from the Pacific NW!

Hello! My name is Emiko and I'm really excited to be in my first swap ever. I'm also relatively new to knitting, as I only started in December last year, but I'm totally hooked. I just recently started a blog too, so I've got a lot of new things to experience.

I was ecstatic when I fell upon this swap and knew this was THE one to sign up for, as it incorporated my love for coffee and my newfound love of knitting. They really do go together.
I've been a coffee snob if you will for quite some time. So much so that I don't really care for the stuff they brew at work and bring in my thermos full of liquid gold from home. My boyfriend and I are big coffee lovers and we both like our coffee strong. We also usually buy our beans whole so that we can grind and brew them to our liking. It's great living near Seattle, as there are many coffee shops and roasters that I can try so that I'm never bored with the same ol' same ol'.

Look forward to this swap and getting to know everyone! :)

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Knittymama said...

I hear you there...nothing worse than "work coffee!" I bring my own too:-)