Monday, April 23, 2007

Greetings from B'more MD

Hello everyone I'm Meegan and I've only been a coffee drinker for about a year, but I regard those coffee-less years as a sort of wasteland -- all those mornings without a coffee (cream, no sugar) as I sit on my porch to watch the birds and play my day!!! I've been knitting for a decade, but only in a desultory way until a few years ago. (In fact, I called my first blog Desultory Knitter in honor of my decision to increase my skills and take on more and more challenging projects.) In my current blog I'd like to include more about some of the other crafts I've been pursuing, as well as cooking, gardening, and homeschooling. Thanks to knittymama for organizing this swap -- it's my 3rd ever swap and my first knitting/coffee related one so I'm very excited!!

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