Friday, April 20, 2007

Hey All

I'm Necia, and I'm a knitter and coffee sipper out of Jersey City and all the 5 boroughs in NYC. I joined this swap by the skin of my teeth, and I'm oh so glad to have made the cuts. I've been drinking coffee since I was 2. My mama started me out with sips, and then my own oz or 2 in my sippy cup. I've been close to heaven ever since. My own 4 yo gets his sip on too.

This is my 2nd kind of coffee swap, and I'm as excited about this one as I was the first. I really enjoy walking through Soho, and sampling the perfect coffee for my partner. I enjoy highly flavored coffee. My favorite has to be an Egg Nog blend I found near the Holidays. I drink my coffee EXTRA Light, with 2t of sugar. Yummy. I also like strong, robust blend. Whatever my pal sends me should be ground, as sadly I don't have a grinder, and don't trust myself enough to use one with good results.

Well, can't wait for the matching process.


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