Friday, April 20, 2007

Yet Another Intro

I see lots of names I know and some I haven't met yet! I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

I wasn't involved in the first Knitter's Coffee Swap, but when I found out about this, I knew I had to join. My true loves: Coffee and knitting. What more could someone want? I'm so glad I made it in and I think I got in just under the wire.

My name is Adelle, I am 51, widowed for five years, have two kids still at home, one a severely disabled teenage son. I am a writer by profession but am on a hiatus, considering early retirement, and just keeping myself quite busy.

I'm not sure what all will be involved in the swap here, but I know the people (either personally or by reputation) enough to know this will be a lot of fun. I love swaps, not just because of the cool stuff you get and send, but because of the incredibly special people you get to meet. That is the best part of all of it.

My blog is at I have others but I am revamping, associating with a network and doing some things I want to do rather than things I have to do in order to keep the "work plate" full. I find that rather relaxing! My blog is fairly new so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Oh, I also own the Enchanted Sweater Knit Along blog, so if you would like to join in with us on that, we would love to have you. It is at - it is my "dream sweater" and although I have been playing catch up with some other things to get more UFOs into FOs, am thus am a bit behind, I will be devoting myself to that soon.

Looking forward to all the activity here and getting to know you all!


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