Monday, April 23, 2007

Hello again!

Hi again, from southern Wisconsin! I'm Gretchen, and I was lucky enough to be in the swap last time. I'm really excited to be in it again! I just started a part-time job working as a barista in a fair-trade coffeehouse, so I'm learning how to make all the yummy coffee drinks!

I've been knitting for 3.5 years now, mostly hats and felted bags. With warmer weather finally coming to Wisconsin, I'm starting to plan some nice, summery projects for once. I'm thinking tank tops and halters for my 3 girls, and a tank top for my son.

Can't wait to get shopping for my partner! I loved doing it the last swap. What could be better than coffee, yarn, and other assorted goodies?

Have a great day everyone!


Knittymama said...

Fair trade coffeehouse? I'm totally jealous!

Gretchen said...

Oh, it gets even better!

The coffee is all fair-trade, roasted locally, the bakery is made fresh locally, we use organic snacks whenever possible (Horizon milk boxes, organic rice treats, etc...) and it's part coffee-house, part art gallery for local artists. There's also a gift area with fair-trade products from around the world. Best thing- it's only four blocks away, so I can walk to work. It's kid-friendly, with a great seating area around a beautifully made train table (local woodworker) and there's always lots of kids around. I really enjoy it!

kathy said...

....and Oh, the lucky person who has Gretchen as a partner - she was my partner in the first swap, and the stuff she sent was GREAT! All I can say is, "Prepare to be spoiled!"

Hi Gretchen!!
Kathy in NW Indiana