Monday, April 23, 2007

Hello from Philly!

Hi all! I'm Cecelia ("Ceme") from Philadelphia. I'm a coffee drinking knitaholic! I'm a flavor loving coffee addict. I totally love flavors like Blueberry (my #1 fav), Southern Pecan, Hazelnut and Toffee. But when I need a pick-me up, I reach for Jamaican Blue Mountain or Kenyan. I'm totally addicting! I do my best knitting on rainy or snowy days listening to my classical music (Bach) or the newest James Patterson book on tape while drinking a fully loaded cup (most times I can do the entire pot) of coffee.

I also love working anything lace. My goal is to own 365 shawls in every variation possible. Visit my blog at I'm not sure how to add the link yet.

I hope to get an international partner too. Only because I still dream of my vacation to Italy a few years back! My favorite places were Lucca and Naples. One day I'll retire to Italy and live my life knitting and drinking coffee looking at the hillsides!

I'm looking forward to this coffee swap. Happy Knitting!


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