Friday, April 20, 2007

Woo Hoo!

I'm pretty excited! Like some of the rest of you, this is my first swap. What fun. I'm from Boise, Idaho and, as my blog name suggests, I re-found knitting after a many-year hiatus. I learned to knit when I was fourteen or so and knit quite a bit right through high school and college. But after our children came along, the knitting sort of sneaked off to boxes and bins in the garage.
Hubby (frequently referred to as the Curmudgeon) and I have been married almost 36 years, and during that time I've pursued many creative outlets - everything from batik and cross-stitch to quilting and crochet. A few years ago I suffered a severe depression and spent way too much time vegging out. As I began to work my way back to the light, so to speak, I needed something to do that didn't take up much room. (I wasn't considering the possibility of serious addiction and stash building.) Knitting fit the bill and I decided to start with some socks, which was ironic because I had no idea there was a sock knitting revival going on. I was surprised, when I went to the LYS, that they had so many sock patterns and sock yarns.
Soon after that I discovered knitting blogs and all the other great resources available to knitters on the Internet. All those free patterns! All those great places to shop! And all those knitters out there sharing their knitting experiences with us all. All those books about knitting!
I'm one of those people cursed with startitis - I love to start new projects. But finish all of them? Not so much... Lately I have managed to complete a few things but I still have plenty of projects languishing on needles, stashed here and there, waiting to be taken up again.
And coffee? There's nothing better than a cup of hot, fresh coffee at hand and knitting in the hands. I'm looking forward to meeting my partner and reading more from all the rest of you.

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Knit Me said...

Isn't there something soothing about slowing down and passing yarn through your hands? I've lost count of the times that my knitting has kept me together. You can't FROG family but you can FROG (and fix) your knitting! SO very glad that you're here.