Friday, April 20, 2007

I made it, thought I hadn't, but I did!

So I'm on the list, woohoo! This is perfect, I love coffee, I love knitting, I love making gifts, I love choosing gifts, I love wrapping gifts, I love unwrapping gifts...ah happiness guaranteed!

I am in "was sunny for a while so we thought summer was here, but as a Scot knew it was too good to be true, and it was, because it's gone all cold again and the heating's back on" Aberdeen, Scotland. This is my first swap and I can't wait, I have just found the time again to really get back into knitting after a wee hiatus when even grabbing a 5 minute shower was a luxury (and sometimes still is!) baby boy arrived back in July last year and now he's just over 9 months I'm starting to find time to create again. I am slowly but surely reintroducing my body to caffeine after my caffeine-free pregnancy, one coffee a day and I still get the shakes sometimes, but it's worth it for a cup of the good stuff! I just drink a million cups of peppermint tea the rest of the time!

I like my coffee in various guises, I started drinking mocha because chocolate is gooood, but after a short spell as a barrista I came to appreciate coffee in all it's forms and drink them as my mood dictates, espresso is always good, but I do love to pour cream into a strong after-dinner coffee and watch it as it swirls back up to the surface!

Due to aforementioned circumstances, i.e. the baba, I rarely take on large knitting projects (because they always stay on the sticks), and tend to knit lots of little things, though I do aspire to knit a beautiful fairisle cardie someday. I love my double pins, and I like my size 2.75mm the best.

Looking forward to this swap and getting some knitty inspiration from all the new blogs I'm reading.

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