Friday, June 29, 2007

So Spoiled

I was truly spoiled by my swap partner Angela for this swap. Here's a group shot of all the goodies I received, but if you stop by my blog, you can read all about each individual goodie.
I loved everything in my package. Thanks Angela! You really know how to hook a person up!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Goodies from the East to the West

Today was a good mail day. These yummy goodies came all the way across country from Necia. What can I say but OMG!!!! I now have no excuse not to try to spin yarn. The learn to spin kit came from Harlem Purls along with the cutest stitch markers. The cute bag came from the Knitting Ewe. Then there is the yarn. Not sure what kind but I love the colors. And of course there were the treats - candies and cookies and coffee. And check out the size of my new coffee mug. So it was indeed a good mail day. Big hugs and thanks to Necia!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Package Received

I received the most awesome package last week from my partner Janee'

The box smelled so good. The larger sized coffee is flavored or called Snickerdelicious (it's delish, by the way) and the smaller bag is French Silk. I also received a pen, stitch marker, key ring, vanilla scented soap in a handmade bag, and vanilla scented hand creme. I also got biscotti, and a limited edition of Hershey's special dark espresso chocolate. I'm waiting for a moment alone to devour this. Lastly, the yarn.... It's Maggi's Linen yarn from Maggi Knits Irish Collection. The color is a deep rich orange. I HEART it. Janee' says she will be checking my blog to see what I come up with. I do... have an idea of what I can do with it and hope to get started on it within the next week or so. THANKS so MUCH Janee'!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Yayness! I got my package from Amanda this week! It contains some super yummy texan coffee, some jitterbug sock yarn and some super sexy roving! (I would post a pic, but blogger isn't cooperating...I'll try to post it later)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Package Received....two weeks ago!

Actually, I received Becka's package more than two weeks ago. She is the best - very thoughtful and creative! I have a post all about it on my blog from June 2nd. Here is the link:

Thank you again, Becka!

Awesomeness Received!

I've been meaning to post for a few days, but I finally got around to it. My super-awesome pal sent me an awesome package (after a small bump in the road with it being returned to her):

Isn't she great? Thanks Rachel!

Package Arrived!

My package arrived yesterday, from caffeinated knitter. Lovely! More about it over on my blog.

Prize for Still Life arrived!

The prize for my still life picture with coffee and yarn arrived in the mail on Saturday. It made my weekend! You can find more pictures on my blog. I'll be able to use them on my jumper - once I finished this mega-blanket I'm doing now...but I'm knitting my last square. No chance for these wonderful things to sit on a vase on the mantelpiece for too long.
Thank you Knittymama for hosting this wonderful swap/contest and thank you Sunneshine for this wonderful work of art!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Yay! I got my box!

What's in it:
Rowan's Rowanspun 4 ply, Bazic wool super wash in green, and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in light pink. As well as soft stitch ring markers and Pocky milk chocolate biscuit sticks. I love the coffee! Javana's Caramel Swirl. Mhmm. It's deliscious. I already had a cup!
Thnx Jeanine!


I can tell you that I got my BOX!!!
And I love everything thing in it!!!
Oh and such beautiful yarn too!
Thank you Connie really.


Friday, June 15, 2007

I *heart* Mandie.

So....You all can see that my wonderful swap buddy Mandie went above and beyond. Delicious coffees, one named Jamaica Me Crazy! Yummy candies for my 7 year old and chocolaty goodies for me.
Adorable hand made, coffee/knitting themed stitch markers she crafted herself.
AND I get to custom color my yarn!!!

Fabulous package!

Thanks for a wonderful swap KnittyMama and Mandie - You are sucha cool chick.
I know we will remain in touch. You are awesome.
Thank you for everything. You're Wonderful ;)
Susan xxx

My Parcel arrived!!!

Wow I have been so so spoiled, Kathy thank you so so so much!! I recieved a very heavy feeling box today which I tore open ;)

inside was a fantastic box of delights, The coffee is called Highland grogg which I think is just an amazing name I love it....will I ever want to drink it or just keep it forever ;) four biscotti which I am sure wont last long, a scented soy candle which smells amazing I need to see if I can buy these over here, a pretty flower and a GORGEOUS sock yarn the colours are fantastic, also a journal which I think I will use to keep note of my yarn colour recipes!! Also two skiens of the prettiest handspun (by my swap partner) yarn in a denimy mix, again so so me

Kathy thank you so so much xxxx

Thursday, June 14, 2007

And the winners are....

We have winners! We have winners! At long last, after much yarn and pattern review - boy, am I drooling over some of the yarn suggestions, and I have a LONG list of "want to knit"s to add to my already LONG list!

While the decision was NOT easy - I truly wish there could be prizes for EVERYONE who entered, alas, that is not the case! So, with great difficulty I have selected 3 winners!

They are:

Emicat with her entry of Louet Gems Mocha Latte Anklets! Wow, what perfect yarn and what a perfect pattern!

Dawn with her Shetland Humbug Mocha Capp - I love the roving - that will spin up into some amazing yarn (I am resisting learning how to spin, but this fiber may just pull me in!!)

Susan with her "Cup O' Joe - Something Coffee" suggestion - I love all of Wendy B's designs and I have on my list Wendy's "Something Red" sweater - I love the twist on this, and I am sure Wendy will as well!

Okay, ladies - please email me at and I will get your prizes out to you.

Thanks to everyone for participating in this final contest!!

Now, I am off to have an iced latte - my new office is right next door to Starbucks - how awesome is that!?!

Later from your Contest Mistress Kat!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wow! It's finally here!

I got home and found a package waiting for me on the doorstep! It's *frightfully* hot here in California this week (too hot for coffee, unless it's iced) and this was a pleasant surprise after enduring the ride home.

I won't list out all the wonderful things that came in the package ... you'll just have to come over to my blog to see all the wonderful things that Jenni sent to me. The heat had it's way with some chocolate - but I'm sure it'll still be delicious.

Thanks knittymama and enjoy Estes Park!

Look what I got ...

I was about to make a pot of coffee and the doorbell rang ... delivery for Ceme!

This is ao lovely! The coffee delicious! The chocolate creamy! The yarn I'm desparately searching for a shawl pattern - oooooooooooo I can't wait!!!

Joko, it was a pleasure shopping for you and thank you so much for my wonderful parcel.

This was my first swap and I'm delighted that I was allowed to be a part of it!

Looking forward to the next swap!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wrapping it up...

Wow, hard to believe our swap time is coming to an end! I'm loving the beautiful packages everyone is showing off. This has been a great swap...I haven't had one complaint about missing partners or packages, hope it keeps up!! If you haven't posted about your package, please do so either on this blog or your own. It's a nice way to acknowledge your swap partner and give 'em a little shout out.

Now for some business:

As of today, you should have received your swap package. Delays are understandable, but please let your swap partner know if you're running behind and let them know the ETA. If for some reason your partner has gone missing on you, please e-mail me asap.

Contest Number Three is now closed. You guys did a fabulous job sharing yarns and patterns. I've got a bunch of new ones on my "to knit" list now! The winners should be announced later on this week.

I will be offline starting this Thursday for awhile, as I'm off to Estes (anyone else going?) I'll be getting back to e-mails later on in the month.

Package Arrived

Thank you Sharon! Sharon was my Knitters' Coffee Swap Pal. She put together a great package for me and for Ben. Check out my blog for more details.

Monday, June 11, 2007

sorry bout the wait, here is my package from susan

finally i can post my pics of my package. I've had some camera issues. Susan was an amazing swap buddy, i feel honored to know her. we actually had alot in common. anyways she spoiled me and was very thoughtful in her choices. She gave me some french roast dark roast coffee, you may be able to tell the the coffee bag is now empty, hehe. some very soft yarn, she actually went to my gilmore girls blog and printed off a pic of a scarf one of the characters was wearing and bought me the yarn to make that scarf. how amazing is she for doing that. she put some asian cookies called pocky in there, i'm now addicted and have to have some more of these. The sniff monkey tissues are so cute I dont want to use them.
Missing in this pic is a bar of very very dark chocolate. It was dissolved in my dark roast coffee. wow what a treat. The chocolate didnt last very long, actually the bar of chocolate pictured here is half gone too.

I had so much fun with this swap, thank you for letting me be a part of it.
thanks again

I received my Package!

As I write this, there's a pot of Bridgehead Sumatran Decaf perking in the kitchen - yes, I received Lisa F's swap package (stitch-dom) this morning and it's wonderful! I don't have a camera so I will write a detailed description of everything she sent me. She sent me two bags of Bridgehead coffee, the Sumatran and a medium Decaf. I've been wanting to try the Bridgehead coffees ever since I saw a story about them on the news a few weeks ago. They're organic fair trade, shade grown coffees and they do live up to their reputations - I just had a sip and it's good stuff! These arrived just as I was just running out of my Starbucks too.
The yarns she sent are gorgeous! She sent four balls of Ovation Kid Mohair and Silk in a beautiful lavender shade, two balls Idena Mohair Lux in a varigated multicolor pastel and two balls of watermelon colored Fleece Artist yarn that she hand-spun herself from Fleece Artist roving. I'm a mohair nut and I love the colors she sent me. I'll probably make a shawl from the Ovation and maybe or hat and scarf or two from the others. I was getting antsy too - my mohair stash is down since I started working on a mohair sweater over the weekend so this arrived just in time.
But that's not all. She also sent me a box of snickerdoodles which I never had before but they have cinnamon in them so I know they're good - love cinnamon - and a tin of irish coffee flavored sugar for my coffee.
Thanks so much for everything, Lisa and for being such a great swap partner!


I got my package--last week, actually. I'm a little slow. The details are on my blog. Thanks knitnzu for the great treat!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Contest #3

I nearly forgot about this final contest... nearly, but not quite. I actually have the perfect yarn in my stash. It's superwash merino sock yarn from Hello Yarn, in the colorway 'Doom'. It makes me think of a raspberry mocha.

Granted, this color is no longer available, but Adrian's colorways are always stunning, so it's hard to go wrong.

As for the pattern, I'm planning on making Monkey. And let me tell you, I'm having one heck of a hard time restraining myself from casting on for these. I really want to see how this color works up.

Contest #3

As I thought through a coffee-themed sweater, the color and the pattern became the beans, the yarn-weight morphed into the water and the foam rose to the top--I wanted a sweater to wear while I drank my coffee and knit. I wanted it to capture the essence of the most blissful moment of my day. I wanted the calm, gentle, soothing sensation to be available to me in places neither coffee, nor knitting friendly.

I would knit my sweater out of Twisted Sisters "Zazu", a hand-dyed, fingering weight merino wool. When I fondled it at my LYS, it was all over for me. Its soft hand reminiscent of the sleepy warmth of my bed and the smooth blend of color evoked thoughts of my favorite earthenware coffee cup. Tactile--check. When I found these colors, the visual clicked.
On the right is "Mink", a rich dark roast to replace the black. On the far right is "Corriander" from the lower half of the blurry INSPIRATION pic at the top. The creamy natural (not pictured) would stay the same as the original.

It would become a fantastic, wear always and forever, mitered jacket by Marianne Isager.

Enter that imp we call Practicality. Pointy lapels. Hmmm. Where do they point? Perhaps not. "Upgrade" the pattern. Nope. Comfy, not dressy. T-shirt, blue jeans and barefoot--who cares where the lapels point anyway. The leftovers would become Enterloc socks.

And fantasy has blurred into reality. I'm swatching the "Corriander" Zazu and "Natural" Gems Pearl. The "Mink" has been ordered. I'll probably finish it for KCS IV. :b

Package arrived!

I recieved my amazing Coffe package from Sarah yesterday, pics and details are on my blog,
Thanks so much for the wonderful package!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Contest #3 entry

I totally forgot about the contest until I saw this:
"cafe au lait" yarn

which I would use for this pattern:
Florence Triangular Scarf

Thanks Perri!

Thanks Perri! The mailman delivered my package today. I waited until he was almost out of the driveway to open it ... not the word almost. I love it all. I emailed a thanks directly to Perri and will share my package with everyone on my blog.


Mine too!

My package has arrived with lots of wonderful things inside. It must have spent considerable time at customs - and I agree coffee and yarn is a dangerous combination - one might just sit at home drink coffee and knit- or might join the international knitting in public day tomorrow. For more details and pictures check here
My swap pal Laurie took so much care in putting it all together. She put in extra info about the yarn and coffee. It's just like mid-year Christmas! Thank you Laurie, and thank you Knittymama for arranging this swap! It was my first online swap and it was a fantastic experience.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My package has arrived!

*jumps around her living room like a little kid* My package has arrived and check out the goods!! More on my blog.
Thank you Megan!! You are awesome and spoiled me!!

Package Arrived

Although I did not have a lot of opportunity to chat with my partner, I guess she is very busy with school, thanks USPS I know my package arrived at it's destination to Tiffany of Pink Knitting Adventures. Although I am not 100% sure, I hope she enjoys it as much as I had putting it together. Now onward and upward to new adventures and Vacations.

My Awesome Coffee Swap Packaged has Arrived - Yay!!!

O.K. don't get too jealous now.... My most wonderful Coffee Swap partner Laurie sent me all these fabulous goodies:

2 Lbs of Coffee: Kona and Day Break Roast from Pure Origin! This java is absolutely fabulous! I've had the pleasure of sipping a hot cup of this Joe since Saturday afternoon (when I first ripped into the Kona). So every morning this past week I've been starting my daily routine with a smile and a nice coffee high that keeps me moving along til noon:) Very smooth stuff...
Also included: A beautiful coffee mug from Starbucks - with a Coffee Bean on it --very appropriate, some delicious Nonni Biscotti and Chocolate Moons, a very cool "M" intialed book marker (currently holding my place in the Fitted Knits book), A white chocolate rose, some Ghiradelli espresso chocolate, some hand cream packets and get this: TWO kinds of yarn!!!

Some gorgeous sport weight Claudia Handpainted sock yarn in the Santa Fe color (chocolate brown and navy)

and some Sephyr Wool - Silk in a beautiful Basil color.

More details on the proper reception the package received on my blog.

I'm still feeling pretty spoiled --with that warm and fuzzy coffee feeling:) Thank you Laurie you Rock Sister! and Thank you so much KnitttyMama for hosting such a wonderful swap! One of the best I've participated in!!!

Oh and check this out - A personalized card!

Whew! My parcel arrived to its destination!

Thank you postal services--United States and United Kingdom. My parcel arrived to my pal, Tournesol, this week (I received an email as she was running out the door for work, which was so sweet of her). I worried because of international deliveries...they can be so unpredictable.

Thank you Knittymama for hosting this wonderful coffee/knitting swap. This was my first forage into the world of swaps and it has been a fantastic experience. I hope to keep in contact with my swap pal long after the swap has finished.

Parcel sent and recieved waiting for mine!

Kathy my swaper has recieved my gifty but cant blog at the mo :( I was really pleased she liked it all though and she has sent mine which I am sooooo excited about, the postie is so sick of me being at the door waiting for him ;)

everybodies gifts look amazing they really do!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In the mail

Hi Perri! Your box hit the mail today so you should have it in a couple days. I'm still waiting for your box to come. Maybe tomorrow. OOOO the excitment of it all.


Parcel arrived and contest #3 entry

The wonderful parcel from my swap partner Jeremy Corona arrived today, thank you so very much Jeremy, I loved everything: 1lb of Sumatra dark roast, coffee flavouring powder, delicious nutty biscuits and yummy chocolates, 100g Cascade fixation and 100g of DK wool yarn handed by Jeremy in scrumptious fruit sherbet colours with kool aid (that yarn makes me feel hungry when I see it), the summer issue of Interweave Knits, pretty hand made stitch markers ... what a great pal. I can't wait to knit your hand dye, it is so delicious looking. I really want to post a picture but DH is away at the moment, I will get him to post one here or on my blog when he gets back this weekend, but I don't think I can resist the munchies that long ... actually ... I have already scoffed the mint chocolate one.

Ok, the contest. I don't often buy brown or earth colourways, so this was an easy one. There is only one brown colored yarn I have to try some day, it is Fingering weight Buffalo Gold, and you can find it here
the pattern I want to knit in this yarn is the Wavy Feathers Qiviut scarf by Caryll Designs, and the free pattern is available at

Thanks for such an enjoyable swap.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

i got my package!

thank you ceme! the package was wonderful!

My Package Came!!

Gretchen... your the best partner ever!!

Thank you so much for everything!!
here's a sneak peek:

there's more on my blog

come over and have a look ;)


Thank you Knittymama!

You sent me the most AMAZING package! I really, truly love EVERYTHING and can't wait to dive into those yummy yarns you sent!!! (More package details on my blog!)

Monday, June 04, 2007


YAY!!!! My faith in the USPS has been restored!
I am resending it with all the goodies I got as replacements ....

Thank you Doctor Dirt!!!

I received my package from Knitters Coffee Swap 2. My swap pal was Sydney and she spoiled me to the umpth degree. She sent me two kinds of coffee from a library, A LIBRARY! That is too cool in itself..they smell wonderful and I can't wait to try them. I also received some wonderful orange cookies, thin, crispy cookies, yummy, ans some hard candies, Jo!!y Rancher$ and W3rther$. Those will be going on the plane with me Wednesday. Sydney sent some of the cutest coffee magnetic bookmarks, and a Chibi in a size I have never seen, the needles are smaller than my Chibi which is great as mine are often too big for sock grafting. There is a beautiful skein of yarn in purple and green (woohoo) from an Etsy dealer, yea!!! And a lovely postcard, but Sydney went the extra mile and noted my love of Eiffel Towers and sent a gorgeous ET journal and some ET stitch markers in colors that match the yarn, I am going to have to think she made them. See, one of the markers has the word Paris hanging from it to indicate the beginning of a round. SOOOOOOOO COOOOOL...Thank you Sydney. You have been a terrific swap partner.
update: I was going through box before trashing it and found the sweetest Sheep magnet...almost didn't make it.Thank you Sydney!!!

Lovely Loot

My package from Sheri arrived on Friday, and boy did she spoil me. Check out my blog for more details.

This was my first swap, and I have to say it was tons of fun. Thanks Knittymama, for all your work organizing this!


Your package is on its way!! Should see it by Wed. or Thurs.

You might get it today!


Your box was sent from Minnesota last Tuesday. The PO estimated delivery by today! I had fun putting it together and I hope you enjoy the goodies! Let me know when you get it.

Perri (Spinning Dervish)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Swap loot!

I got my swap loot from my partner, Dandy (Vicki), the other day, and such a wonderful package it was! Two kinds of coffee- Kona and Coconut Cream (shared and much appreciated!), some melon-mint gum, a sheepy pad and pen, a quickly devoured Toblerone bar, a neat set of fairy notecards/ papers, a nice, heavy-weight coffee mug, some pretty in pink stitchmarkers ... all great stuff!
But, the yarn? Truly lovely! A small, handspun, Kool-Aid dyed skein that is a rainbow delight, and a wonderful, huge skein of coffee with cream-colored yarn, that is soft and lovely! That has been earmarked for something challenging and pretty just for me! Thanks so much Vicki!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

And the winner is.....

Waiter 1: What can I get for you?
Niles: I'll have a double short, low fat, no foam latte.
Waiter 1: Double short, low fat, no foam latte!
Waitress: Double short, non fat, low foam latte!
Waiter 2: Double short, non fat, low foam latte!
Niles: Excuse me, I think there was a problem in the chain of command, the middle person reversed part of it. She said, "A double short, non fat, low foam latte."
Waiter 1: Double short, non fat, low foam latte!
Waitress: Double short, non fat, low foam latte!
Waiter 2: Double short, non fat, no foam latte!
Niles: No, it happened again, that's not what I want.
Waiter 2: Well, you can tell her youself.
Niles: All right, I'll have a double short, low fat, no foam latte.
Waitress: Double short, low fat, no foam latte.
Waiter 2: Double short, low fat, no foam latte. Nutmeg?
Waitress: Nutmeg?
Waiter 1: Nutmeg?
Niles: No thanks. It inflames my stomach lining.
Waiter 1: Inflames his stomach lining!
Waitress: Inflames his stomach lining!
Waiter 2: Inflames his stomach lining!
Niles: Stop that!(from episode Desperately seeking Closure)


There were 22 entries but noone correctly guessed "Frasier" as the name of this tvyarn! The reasons are the wonderful scenes taking place in "Cafe Nervosa" as well as the fact that the show was set in Seattle, the coffee capital of the U.S!
So my son drew a name out of his Harley hat to pick our winner. And the winner is...
Vicki aka Dandy!
Vicki send me email at whiteoakstudio AT yahoo DOT com and tell me where to send your prize.
And here are some more wonderful coffee quotes from "Frasier":
thanks to everyone for a fun contest! Jana

Friday, June 01, 2007

My Package Arrived!

A big "Thank you," to my swap partner Cece who sent me a wonderful box full of goodness. I have the details posted on my blog.

Thank you, Knittymama, for organizing this great swap!

This swap rocks!

It looks like someone wanted to peek into my swap pacakge. Luckily I got home just in time! I have to profusely thank Shannon for the wonderful spoiling she did! here's a sneak peek at what was inside the box.. for more information on the whole thing visit my blog I'd love to have you leave a comment while you're there!


I got my package from Pheelya yesterday and it rocks! Please check out my blog for details. Thank you Pheelya! I hope you'll like your package. Thank you Knittymama! This was so much fun.

I Got It! I Got It!

I got my swap package from my partner Ann. It is wonderful. Most of the goodies are all gone but goes to show how great they were. Ann was very generous. I got lot's of yarn and goodies. Please stop by my blog to see all that she gave me.

Here's a preview:


Contest # 3

O.K. I have been searching for the perfect yarn for these amazing Socks: The Uptwon Boot Socks from the Favorite Socks Collection from Interweave press:

After Scouring the Internet: I fell in love with this fabulous yarn from Sundara Murphy: The colorway is Espresso over Coco---YUM!!!!!

The color changes would definetely be more subtle but in decadent chocolate color brudiness sort of way:)