Friday, April 20, 2007

Wyoming Hello

Hi everyone! I am so glad to be here. I just discovered swaps after joining tons of KAL's. I've been knitting most of my life, with a gap in there to raise a family, work, take care of elderly parents. You get the picture. The proverbial piece of meat in between two pieces of bread. Sandwich generation anyone? Coffee is not just an indulgence for me. It is a necessity. My DH says I should really take it in the arm. Would save time grinding all those beans. My other loves are knitting and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. This is my first Coffee Swap, so can't wait for things to kick into gear.
My hometown is Cody, Wyoming. Just a gorgeous place 45 miles from the Eastern entrance to Yellowstone. Truly God's country. The nice part is there is a gourmet coffee shop here, with little coffee kiosks all over town. Whoohoo. No withdrawal for this kid. Can't wait to meet my pal. Happy knitting to all!

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