Friday, April 20, 2007

What are we going to do tonight brain?

The same thing we do every night: put the kids to bed get some coffee, a project, and blog away.
I was so glad to become part of this swap. Major happy dance! I heard about the first one too late...sigh. I can't imagine how b/c I love to drink coffee and I love to knit! they just go together.
I'm Allena and you can find my bloggy home here. I have 2 daughters and a hubby whom I talk about a lot. Along with anything else that comes to mind! I knit and crochet (gasp) LOL I also like to sew and bake, well those are the top of the list for me these days.
OK back to coffee..... giggle. I tried my first cup o joe when i was a freshman of high school. I had a paper route and we were living in upstate NY at the time, so it was really cold and early. So coffee is just a natural solution to those problems. Well that and my parents are coffee drinkers. I'd always loved the smell so it was just natural for me to try it. I've loved it ever since. I really enjoy trying new blends mostly. Sometimes I'll go for the flavors but i try to stick with the blends they just work wonders in my mouth.. anyways one of my fav blends is from California Coffee Roasters called Moka Java. It is awesome people! This place is great, they roast the coffee after you order then ship it quickly to you. When you get it it's glistening from it's own oils and the box! OMG the box, you can smell it 3 doors down. It's the greatest smelling box ever!
OK I'll stop and let other people get their intro's on!

Knit on coffee lovers, Knit on!

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