Friday, April 20, 2007

Me too! Me too!

I got in, too! I was one of the overeager ones. Well, really it was a mistake because the email got sent too soon and by accident. But I dutifully sent again on the 16th and made it in! I have been knitting for a year--one more who has started up again after a looooooonnnnng hiatus (about 30 years). But since I started I've done hats, scarves, bags, sweaters. I taught myself to knit continental because I had knit English long ago and just never COULD get the hang of it! I started my first sock the other day. After the first evening of hand-to-hand combat with the dpns, I finally got the hang of it and have about 1/2" of ribbing so far!

I also spin. Have done that for years. I know. How could I spin but not knit? Just one of those things! I have a personal yarn goddess (happens to be my son's partner) who got me knitting because if I was spinning I should be knitting, too. I have way more fleece in my stash than I do yarn. In fact when I signed up for the UFO knitalong I had to ask if spinning projects counted!

The coffee part. What to say? If anyone is familiar with the Blood-Type diet, for my blood type coffee is like medicine it is so good for me! No, really! Could I make this up? I, too, have a fondness for fair trade coffees, don't like French Roast. Other than that, mmmmm. I drink it with milk, no sugar. Here in Asheville, NC anything recycled, sustainable, green and just plain politically correct is available, so if that's your thing, I can get it for you here! Can't wait to see who my pal is!

Laura Sue

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Knit Me said...

So glad that you're here. I've knitted FOREVER, but I don't spin yet. I am told that knitting is as addictive and spinning and coffee.