Friday, April 20, 2007

Caffeinated New Hampshire Knitter

Greeting from beautiful New Hampshire, where after recent snowstorms and then flooding, it's a beautiful and sunny 65 degrees today! The name of this swap says it all. I LOVE to knit ....I knit a lot...and just socks, basically. They're a quick project to finish, challenging, easy to complete, and easy to carry with me. :)
I've only been a coffee drinker for 10 years, but I'm certifiably a caffeine addict...I like light to medium blends. I ADORE Dunkin Donuts coffee...and I like how I drive up to the window and get my "fix"...made just the way I like it, with extra cream and Splenda! At home I have a Keuring coffee maker, that uses K-cups, and I use a variety of coffees, as long as they're caffeinated and not bold. (Hubby likes the extra bold stuff). Regular and flavored, they're all yummy. I love the single serving coffee maker, and my comfy Longaberger ceramic's like having a "wooby", or a "lovey", or a "blankie" if I was a coffee is a first thing in the morning "must have!"
BTW, I'm a SAHM of 3 boys (2 which are teens over 6 ft tall), and we homeschool. I'm also an RN (L&D, NICU), but now my full time job: MOM. We have 2 pups (Toby, a 12 yr old Shepherd Mix, and Annie, a 10 wk. old Schnoodle), 2 cats, and assorted little critters, including 2 ducks and our geriatric chicken, Sonja. :) I quilt as well, but not for the past 6 months...knitting only.
Like I mentioned, I love knitting socks...bright, bold colors...jewel toned, autumn colorways, etc...and I prefer natural fibers. Cookie A's patterns are my favorites, and I have a list of favorite yarns I like to work with on my blog sidebar.
Let the fun begin! Knittingly yours, Kris in NH "Schnauzermum"
So...I look forward to meeting all of you! I love spoiling other knitters with goodies, and getting to know others who love knitting and coffee as much as I do.

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miss ewe said...

Fantastic graph! Welcome... I'd love to see how knitting a few rows can affect the graph curve as well! Or how caffeine affects the knitting quality! LOL!