Thursday, April 19, 2007

in which a musician needs coffee

Hi, all. I'm Kate, I'm a musician, and coffee is the juice of life. I always say, Starbucks makes me a nicer person. (I'm not ashamed to admit it, I love everything about the S'bucks culture, right down to the little green aprons). That said, I love the little indi-roaster places too. I travel a lot for work, and right after I check out an area's LYS, I turn on the radar for the coolest coffee place in town. I've been knitting for almost five years now, getting a lot more adventurous since being inspired by all of you online knitty folks. (I only discovered this whole online community last year!). I'm excited to do another swap... what a fun idea to link knitting with coffee for an exchange! I always like "meeting" more knitters, so come on over and say hi at miss ewe knits!


Anne said...

The online community just rocks, doesn't it? I think it's just amazing. It was great to walk into my first local SNB the other night and have some people understand when I said "I have to take pics because I blog" lol

Jenny said...

Wow - your post and mine sound so similar. Good thing we are partners! This will be so much fun spoilee!

I know I said I probably wouldn't buy you anything at SB, but if there is something at SB you just LOVE and want and haven't gotten, let me know and I'll see if its here.