Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm In!

I'm in the Knitters' Coffee Swap - Yah! My name is Elizabeth and I've been knitting since I was a small girl. I was taught by my grandma and then I stopped for about 20 years. Now I'm knitting again, mostly scarves, shawls, hats and the occasional poorly done sweater. I don't follow patterns well (actually, not at all) so that could be a part of my problem but I am yarn obsessed. A girl can never have enough yarn, especially anything wool and/or mohair. I don't spin (yet) and I'm going to take a look at a knitting machine tomorrow so who knows what's in store for the future.
I love coffee, especially dark roasts and some flavored coffees, but unfortunately, due to sensitive tummy, I have to drink it decaffeinated. But they are starting to come up with some decent decafs - the ones from Starbucks and Coffee AM aren't too bad. I am on the search for the perfect decaf. Some say why bother if you have to drink decaf but if you love coffee, you're not going to stop drinking it - you adjust and look for other ways to enjoy it. Like coffee-flavored chocolate or coffee ice cream, anyone?
I am also a loose tea fan - in fact I own my own (very) small tea blending business and have a line of my own blends.

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Sharon said...

I hope they develop a good decaf for you soon because what is out there now is dreadful.

You are correct. You can never have too much yarn