Thursday, April 19, 2007


This is Char from Central Wisconsin. I used to crochet many years ago and then got really busy with my life and slowly gave it up. My daughter, AnnK (She is the one who brought this swap to my attention.) started knitting a year ago and seeing all her yarn and her projects, I just had to take crocheting up again. I have only finished a few things, but one that I am really proud of is a small bridal bag that I designed. It turned out really nice so I made a smaller one for the flower girl. So Cool!!!!

I have a few works in progress, a bag that will be felted, a blanket for my great niece and hopefully a lot of projects in my future.

And this is the first time I joined any kind of swap. I am so excited because this is a new adventure for me, crocheting again, starting a blog, meeting new people, seeing other's projects and enjoying coffee.



Knittymama said...

Hey Char, where in Central Wisconsin? My husband is from a farm around the Marshfield area and we both went to school in Point!

Gretchen said...

Hello fellow Wisconsinite!