Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hullo from Atlanta!

*Taking sips of my fresh cup* Hullo there fellow addicts - caffeine and knitting :D

Just wanted to say hello - I'm currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, and often say it's "by way of Colorado, New Jersey, South Carolina and Alaska" because I've lived in those places far more than here in life :) I learned to knit about 2 years ago, but only got seriously bitten by the bug this past Christmas! I LOVE knitting felted bags (hosting a swap, too!) and am currently also on a dishcloth and must learn socks and wanna make a tank top and have a list so long I could knit for life list!

I have loved coffee since I was a little girl. When we still lived in Germany around my grandparents, my family all used to call me "Kaffee Tante" because my Opa would give me sugar cookies dipped into coffee with cream and sugar. By high school, I was a regular at our local espresso joint, and loved their specialty mocha breves with a nice mix of creme de menthe and Irish Creme. And now, I am a lover of just good beans. Plain, unflavored, high quality coffee.

My favorites are kona and peaberries, but I also love Blue Mountain, most mocha javas, and almost any great bean or blend. For commercial joints, I like Caribou, and I'll drink Starbucks in a pinch ;) Most often at home, I have some various beans I pick up at Trader Joes.

And mostly I'm excited to be a part of this and meet some folks who share both of my passions!


Sharon said...

Will have to keep a "look but don't touch" at your felted bags swap group because even though I love the look thanks to a wool allergy, it is a don't touch. I definitely get to play with the dishcloths, hooray!! And yes these things are addictive!!

Jenny said...

Well hello - another Atlantan.

I too love Trader Joe's beans. I get the New Mexico Pinon coffee they carry there and it is OUTSTANDING.

If you are ever in the Northeast Georgia area on a Saturday, let me know and you can come knit with our knitting group. They are great ladies!!!