Thursday, April 12, 2007

The 16th, the 16th!!!!

Some of you know I am a teacher...and I'm chuckling right now because I totally know what kind of student you all were back in the 7th grade.

Some of you were very careful kids. You read the directions, two or three times. You very carefully double checked with the teacher to make sure that you were doing it the way you were supposed to. You took careful notes, did a rough draft and had your mom proofread it for you.

Then there are those of you would get a new assignment to do. You'd be so darned excited about it that you'd dive right in. You'd rush out to the library, check out a dozen books and work like mad in your bedroom for the next few days. You'd rush off to school Monday morning, thrilled that you actually got your 3-D motorized diorama of King Tut's tomb done in time, present it to your teacher who would then say: "Wow, that's really great, but didn't you read the directions? All you had to do was make a list of ten Egyptian Pharohs and the dates that they reigned. All weekend, huh? Yeah, you could have gotten that assignment done in 20 minutes. But this is really cool."

Are you all following me here folks? Because I know you are all really excited about the swap, and I am so glad for that because we're going to have a blast. But, sign-ups don't open until the 16th for a few reasons, but mostly because it's the word on the blogosphere and I've got a hectic weekend ahead of me. So, if you already sent (and a lot of you did, you excited little knitters...I'll bet you don't swatch either, do you? :-) resend on the 16th unless you're having surgery, going mountain climbing or some other major thing and then maybe I'll let it slide. And yup, I am opening it to 100 this time so hopefully that will leave room for everyone, so no worries.

Have a great weekend. I'll see you all MONDAY :-)


Sann said...

how'd you know I don't swatch--ok, I will now, really!

WandaWoman said...

Hehe, I've got my email set on draft, so I can send it at the appropriate time, but didn't want to send it early. Can't wait to do this.

Anne said...

So.. Okay. That means that if I send mine at 12:01am, I'm good? ;)

Gretchen said...

Hope you got my email! Yay!