Monday, November 06, 2006

Yarn love

1. What's on my needles? The scarf from the cover of the lastest Vogue Knitting knit out of Elsebeth Lavold's Designer's Choice AL. I'm just a garter band from the end and I'll say this - if I never have to knit another cord again , I'll be a happy monkey.

2. Covetous yarns would be.... Whew... I could do with some Opal or anything Rowan save their Summer Tweed. Or anything Alchemy. Since I work at a yarn shop, I get to get my hands on a lot even if it is just for store models, so I suppose I'm all spoiled.

3. My favorite, ok, favorites, would be All Season Cotton and Silky Wool and Calmer. Two Rowans and one from Elsebeth.

4. I'd be remiss if I didn't say mine, wouldn't I? :) Even before I worked here, though, I loved it because of Fridays. Fridays we camp out in the back, knit, have coffee and treats and just chat up a storm. When I became suddenly single, it gave me the interaction I needed and prevented me from wallowing in the mire. I got to meet some new role models and learn what I wanted to be as a person from their examples. It's a technique I couldn't find in anything Barbara Walker has written. :)

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