Friday, November 17, 2006

And the prize is.....


You can post your entry on your blog and link us up to it here, or post it on this blog. Either way, you've got until December 1st to tell us about your favorite coffee shop. I've enjoyed reading your entries so far; makes me want to go on a cross country yarn/coffee haul!

My favorite local coffee shop is Anodyne. They brew my favorite coffee, Peace Coffee, and have some of the best baked goods around, which is important. Nothing ruins a good cup of coffee more than a bad scone (which is why I've given up on Dunn Brothers if I'm hungry, although I will say their coffee is fabulous). Not only are Anodyne's scones fabulous, but they have a great kid and vegetarian friendly menu.

And for the kids? They are very family friendly. Two bins of toys exist in my favorite corner, along with couches and a coffee table. Perfect for your little ones to play while you actually relax (well, kind of relax) and have some coffee. Even better, people expect kids there, so no one gives you a dirty look if your child makes a bolt across the shop, asks them silly questions, or gasp.....cries!

So there you have it, the perfect coffee shop: fair trade coffee, kickin' scones, and toys. My three requirements for at least 30 minutes of bliss. Maybe I need to get there this weekend for a picture.


mrspao said...

Mmm... great prize!! I love the sound of your favourites.

Jodi said...

I'll have to head to Anodyne when I'm visiting my family in Minneapolis at Christmastime.

I really liked the Urban Bean and Uncommon Grounds in Uptown when I was younger. I also like the Dunn Bros. in Linden Hills (such a cute neighborhood!).

MMMM...malabrigo is always a great prize!

vierge_en_trop said...

Ahh, and it's coffee colored! How perfect.

KnitNana said...

We're a smallish town (Roanoke, VA) - with chain stores: Starbucks, Daily Grind. I love them both. We also have Mill Mtn Tea & Coffee - a local shop. But you know, I'm not in love with their coffees - they're just too strong for me. Now their desserts? die for!
So sue me...I am in love with coffee franchises?!?

Ruth's Place said...

Sound's divine! I love the yarn!