Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Contest entry

Making a post about my favorite cafe is probably the most difficult thing ever.
I live in Montreal and cafes are everywhere. I'm incredibly lucky and spoiled in that way.

About six months ago I began taking photos of all the different styles of coffee (cafe au lait, latte, espresso con panna, etc) that I encountered. Here are some of my favorites :

espresso con panna

These photos were taken at Second Cup, a Canadian chain. It was the company that day that made the coffee memorable. Second Cup chains are everywhere, so it's usually the best place to meet up with friends between classes and other obligations. I've had many intense conversations with my favorite people over cups like these.

This photo...
espresso at Cafe Art Java

...is from Caffe Art Java. The creative presentation of the coffee is truly the best thing about this place. Even the food is laid out with aesthetics in mind! It's the kind of place that is so impressive that you're almost afraid to eat what they serve you for fear of messing it up.

Finally, one of my favorite places to go for the best tasting cup of coffee is Pharmacie Esperanza.
cafe au lait at Esperanza

The coffee is served in cups and saucers that look like they came right out of your grandmother's kitchen and on each table there's a jar of brown sugar. I like to sweeten my cafe au lait with a big heap of it and enjoy it slowly along with a homemade ginger cookie.

So, there you have some of my favorite places for a cup of coffee in Montreal.


Chris said...

Oh, the one from Cafe Art Java is making me drool!

Gretchen said...

Ok, those all look so yummy! I'm ashamed to admit that I can identify the cup pattern in the last pic- it's Butterfly Gold, from Corelle. My mom's dish pattern! Thanks for sharing!

prairiegirl said...

Gorgeous photography! I adore Montreal! There's so many great things about it, so many wonderful places to go! I always love the cafes! Thanks for the delicious pics!

Anonymous said...

ooooh that looks divine

Knittymama said...

Another reason to keep Montreal at the top of my "must visit" list.