Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My coffee mugs

I'd been thinking about how lovely it would be to see everyones favourite coffee mugs and yesterday when I was reading the blog I saw that Deborah had beaten me to it. So here are my favourite coffee mugs/cups.

The first cups are new(ish). These are special because they were a gift from one of my year 10 students when I left my last school to move to South Africa. I taught him for two years and we worked hard to help him achieve despite a diagnosis of dyslexia in year 9. He always got good marks for me in English and in History and he was/is a great kid with lots of energy.
Notice the box that the cups came in. When he gave me the present he told me that the cups were already packed so I could take it with me on the plane and have nice cups to drink my coffee from, while I was waiting for my things to arrive on the ship.

I have to say I do see his mother's hand in the choosing of the design. They are very me. She had worked as our school's PR person and often did the coffee run for planning meetings so she knew about my coffee loving tendencies.

The blue mug served as my work coffee cup for the last 5 years. It holds great memories because it was from a school that I really liked working in. Besides it looks kind of opulent and swish.

So, now you've seen my mugs, let's see yours.


Deborah said...

nice matching box with those cute polka dot mugs.

I'll be putting up more of mine. You live in South Africa now? I have several friends who live there.

Ruth's Place said...

Yep, we made the big move. It's a six year contract and then we move on. Intercountry moves are a killer.

Knittymama said...

What a sweet kid! Do you still teach in SA?

Kathy said...

Whereabouts are you in SA? My son did his semester abroad last year at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Pietermaritzburg (say THAT three times fast!), and he, my younger son, and I did part of the Garden Route after his semester was over.