Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I I live in a town with one stop light, 2 pizza shops, a grocery store and 2 coffee shops.

One of the shops has a comfy sofa, table and chairs and a gift shop.

However, my favorite of the two is a little shop called Main Street Sweets. There is only 1 table with two chairs and lots of marvelous desserts.

The coffee shop is owned by two really nice ladies, Wendy and Jennifer. They make the best desserts and even through the place is so small that it only has one table and two chairs, I love walking down to talk to them and see what dessert I should get. I love their Gingerbread Latte. That is heavenly stuff.

I went down to take the photos today and not only got my coffee but found myself walking down the street eating a piece of something pecan that was very yummy. They have a lot off bite size desserts for 50 cents. I do not feel as guilty because the pieces are so small.

I just noticed that I do not have milk for my coffee in the morning. Guess I will have to walk down to the coffee shop. Glad that it is only 5 minutes away and opens at 6AM.


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