Friday, November 24, 2006

Mugs on Display

So, I have no idea how to post multiple photos in one post, so I posted multiple photos of my favorite mugs on my blog with their stories.

You can check them out on my blog

Oh-and if anyone can explain how I can post more than one picture in a post which is quick and easy please let me know.


prairiegirl said...

Hi there!

To post both my pics of my mug I did it just like I would on my blog. I just clicked the picture icon and entered the first, then did it all again with the second picture. I think the most recent upload goes to the top though, but if it's not in the order you want then you can just cut and paste the coding where you want it! Hope this helps! I'm off to your blog now to see your picutres!


Kathy said...

When you click on the photo icon (above the editing window where you type your post), it opens an "Add Photo" window. Click "Browse" to find the photo on your hard drive. To add another picture, click on "Add another picture" right above the little window that now holds the location of the first photo. Repeat as necessary.

Blogger will put all the photos at the top of the post. You must cut and paste them where you want them to appear within your post.

Calling Kahlo said...

I knew I could add the pics with the photo icon but I was using Hello. Ah, but some minor html finagling will not be bad. Thanks, that is a simple answer.