Thursday, November 09, 2006


Let's see, I haven't introduced myself yet, so here goes. My name is Lianne and I'm a yarnaholic. I'm a pretty new knitter, only since June. I love, love, love coffee!!! I drink it mostly on weekends or days off from work. I need it every other day, but never remember to take 10 minutes in the morning to treat myself. Here's some answers to the wonderful knitting questions posted...

What are you knitting now? I finished a felted bag last night from my One Skein book!! Silly me I thought since the book was called One Skein that's all it would take. I guess I'm truely a rookie huh? 3 skeins and some wet wool later I have a gorgeous bag to send off as a present. I still have to finish sewing up my fingerless gloves, and I'm working on a scarf that's one of the many x-mas presents I'm planning.

What's your favorite yarn and why? I don't have a favorite yarn yet. I'm searching for the "perfect" one. I'm allergic to wool so it makes things a bit difficult. I hate itching and hives, so I have to knit wool with long sleeves, a blanket over my lap, and itchy fingers!!

What's your favorite yarn store and why? By far my favorite yarn store is Hill Country Weavers. It's amazing!! They have tons of yarn and patterns, and books. The staff is soooo nice! I can bring a project in and they'll help out anytime!

I guess that's all for now... I'll post again once I visit my favorite coffee shop. I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about that too.

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prairiegirl said...

You certainly sound like you've jumped into knitting with both feet! Welcome to the madness! Tee hee hee! I know what you mean by itchy fingers. I just finished a sweater in Bulky Lopi (for myself none the less) and I love it, but my goodness I have to wear a turtle neck under it and my hands drove me nuts while knitting it! I'm lucky though. So far it seems like Lopi is the only wool that does that to me.