Monday, November 06, 2006!

Hi everyone! I haven't posted an intro yet, so I thought I'd say hi! I've been drinking coffee very regularly since I was in my 2nd year of college. Spring semester I transferred universities to be closer to home (and to leave a bad relationship behind), and it just happens that University at Buffalo is also where my parents work! My first semester I drove in and out with them every day, and would often visit my mom in the afternoon between classes for a cup of tea (she'd get a latte with a little cinnamon on top). One day, she convinced me to try the latte, and I was hooked!! It was all over from there, and it was even worse when they put a Starbucks on campus (along with the 2 "coffee carts"). I have 2 favorite coffee shops. The first one is in Buffalo, NY, called Spot Coffee. They have fantastic coffee, along with sandwiches, soups and desserts. I practically lived there for the 2 months while I was studying for my Comprehensive Exam for my Masters degree. Then there is Mayorga Coffee, in Rockville Maryland. There are several shops around the area, and they roast their beans locally. They are just incredible!!

I'm really looking forward to this swap! I've participated and hostessed many swaps over the last few years, and have had so much fun through it all!!


mizmikey said...

I have sent six emails trying to join this swap from the very first hour it was open to join but haven't had ONE reply. Is there a secret word or maybe something one has to do to be able to join.

Knittymama said...

Hi Mizmikey! Hope you find my reply here. I'm so sorry you've had troubles trying to sign up. Were you sending your e-mails to coffeeswap AT yahoo DOT com? I double checked and didn't see any from you. Maybe a typo?