Thursday, November 16, 2006

Loads of Fun


Ruth and I have been having quite an adventure putting our packages

We spent one Friday afternoon going coffee shop hopping looking for
uniquely South African Coffee. I finally visited some places I had
been planning to stop at for the last year and a half.

Yesterday we went on a search for sock yarn - it is very rare to get
coloured sock yarn in Cape Town. We heard that there was one place, so
armed with the map book our journey of discovery continued.

To our delight we found the place easily and they had 5 different colour
sock yarn and other good knitting stuff at great prices!

We end our the day at our two favourite coffee spots: Mugg & Bean and the
Helderberg Nature Reserve. Photos on the way. You will see me being attacked by a tortoise - he wanted my coffee!!

On Sunday we are have a craft making day to make cards and beaded goodies.

Then we should be ready to put our packages together and post.

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