Monday, November 27, 2006

Packages in Transit!

My favorite coffee (and tea) mug is my mug from the Seward Co-op in Minneapolis. It's perfect - just the right size, perfect shape, great logo and...would you get a load of that awesome garden-y girl on the back?! I love her.

I am pleased to report that my swap partner, Susan, and I have sent our packages and it happened to be on the same day! Very cool indeed. So we're both excited and watching our mailboxes now. Updates on the awesome Knitty-Coffee-Loot to follow!


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Kathy said...

Ah, the Seward Cafe -- brings back memories of really, really good pancakes. A high school friend of my son's is working there right now; Beth, with sort-of dreads and a nose ring. You'd never guess she was from rural Wisconsin ;-)