Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Greetings . . . haven't figured out how to do that linky thingy so that you just have to click "my blog" to go to my site . . . so here are my answers (which are also posted on my blog) . . . also if my swap pal has emailed me . . . would you please email me again . . . I seem to be having issues with my email and deleting messages (my fingers work faster than my brain) . . . be sure to say coffee swap in the heading . . . okay now on to the answers I said I was publishing . . .

1. WHOLE BEAN OR GROUND? whole - I love love love the smell that fills the house when you grind beans.

2. FULLY-LOADED OR DECAF? fully loaded please . . . it goes with my personally don't ya know!!!!

3. REGULAR OR FLAVORED? regular - french roast or anything rich & dark . . . I add the flavoring after brewing.

4. HOW DO YOU DRINK YOUR COFFEE? first thing in the morning I have a cup with just a little milk . . . later in the day I add flavors . . . especially cinnamon cream right now . . . and in the evening there is nothing better than a cup of dark rich coffe which Bailey's has been added to!!!!

5. FAVORITE COFFEE EVER? french roast with bailey's . . . even though the other day I tried a cup that was pumpkin spiced flavor -yummmmmmmie. . . which is great for a small treat during this time of year!

6. ARE YOU FUSSY ABOUT YOUR COFFEE OR WILL ANY OLD BEAN DO? I guess I am semi-fussy as I love rich dark coffee . . . any type of dark bean will do.

7. FAVORITE TREATS TO HAVE WITH YOUR COFFEE? pie for breakfast-lunch-dinner-snack . . . okay I also like cake . . . hummmmmm . . . let's just say any kind of dessert!!!!


9. YARN/FIBER YOU LOVE! any natural fibers . . . sock yarn can have a little elastic in it.

10. YARN/FIBER YOU HATE? cheap cheap novetly year . . . any of that eyelash yarn - it sheds!

11. WHAT'S ON YOUR NEEDLES? right now I am making a pair of felted mary jane slippers for a christmas gift and a tiny purse to be felted as a gift and a pair of socks to be a gift . . . oh yea I almost forgot . . . making an "ice cream cozy" for my husband (he likes to eat ice cream right out of the carton)!

12. FAVORITE COLORS? right now its rich looking purple . . . I also love red, golden yellows, greens, rusts, browns, creams . . . NO PINK!!!!!!

13. ALLERGIES? none in regards to this swap.

14. ANYTHING YOU REALLY LOVE REALY DON'T LIKE, OR JUST NEED TO GET OFF YOUR CHEST? just one thing . . . I really really really HATE peanut butter!!!!!

Well that's about it in a nut shell!!!!

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