Thursday, November 16, 2006

Contest Entry - Coffee places: Old and New

My favourite place to get coffee is Gloria Jean's at Westfield Garden City in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It wasn't that the coffee is superb, though it is very good, it is the memories and the vibe associated with it. It was only 10 minutes walk from my house and 10 minutes drive from my work. There was a group of dedicated coffee drinkers that I worked with (teaching highschool will do that to you) and we would try to get together at least once a month after work to drink coffee and unwind after the day - often that would be at Gloria Jean's. Gloria Jean's was also a favourite place to meet my friends on the weekend, or to just duck into and grab a takeaway coffee. We even held a mini-baby shower there for one of the girls who was leaving work to have a baby.

Notice I'm talking about this place in past tense? It's still there, but I'm not.

In January this year my husband and I left Australia to begin a 6 year contract in South Africa. Not long after we arrived Simone introduced me to a new coffee place. The vibe is very different to Gloria Jean's, and the coffee isn't as good (too weak and there is no flavoured coffee to be had), but it is still a cool place to hang out with friends and I'm learning to love my new coffee house. The photo shows Simone and I at Mugg & Bean, my new favourite coffee place.


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