Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So apparently I can't count

Well, tonight I was happily going through my sign up e-mails, sending people invitations and thinking how great it was that I've had so many people join when I realized, "Um....wasn't I supposed to be stopping at 50?" Yeah, which I realized after sending out invite number 54. So, since we're now a wee bit over 50, here's what we'll do. Sign ups close at midnight tonight, central time. If at midnight we have an odd number, I'll take one more to even it all out. So if you haven't signed up yet you've got a couple more hours to get in there.

Once sign ups close tonight, I'll start working on partners. When I send you your partner's info, it will be up to you to exchange addresses and answer the questions I'll send along with the names. Remember, this is not a secret swap. You will be exchanging with each other.

Also, be ready for our first contest to start up soon. Hint: if you stop for a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, you just might want to take your camera with you! (No personal modeling required:-)


Anonymous said...

Cool !

Sounds Exciting.

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