Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Coffee Mugs

The Meezer knew it wouldn't be a very good shot if she didn't put her nose into it, so please accept this photo staged by my knitting side-kick. I think she prefers the blue mug on the right, and I don't really have a preference. These hand-thrown cups, and a substantial piece to hold the flavord coffees I love best. I have one other with the crescent moon over a willow tree thrown and decorated in just the sort of matrifocal style I am quite enamoured with.

These three mugs were purchased in the 1990s when I was studying womanist thealogy in my Masters work. The pieces provide the heavy bulbous style that I could equate with a feminist spirit world. Indeed The Meezer is named for one of the goddesses involved in my study during those years...and she spent many a day sniffing out the contents of my coffee cups.

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