Friday, November 24, 2006

My favorite Coffee Mugs

I have two favorite coffee mugs. They both keep the coffee nice and hot for quite awhile. The blue/brown one is the one that I travel with.

Since I travel with my job, I am in hotel rooms for quite a few months at a time. It is nice to get up and make a cup of coffee in my own mug instead of a foam cup or generic white mug that is usually in the room.

I will take a picture of my favorite coffee shop this week and post. I live in a very small town with one stop light but two coffee shops. One is about a 5 minute walk, the owner makes the best sugar free chocolate chip cookies you have ever tasted. I am not sure if I walk down there for the cookies are the coffee because I always get both. Right now the coffee is Ginger Spice. OOHHHHH!!! very delicious. I hope she will let me buy a pound since I am leaving this weekend to go out on another job.

Until the next post.

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