Saturday, November 25, 2006

Take a drive with me + Mugs

(Congratulate me -- I finally figured out how to post on this blog. Duh.)

Come along with me as I go to my local coffeehouse to pick up some swag for my swap buddy. It was a beautiful day and I had a great time recording it.

* * * * *
My favorite mugs, reposing gracefully on my front step bench:

Let me introduce you to them.

This is my all-time favorite, purely for practical reasons. I seem to be a slow coffee drinker, plus one who often makes her coffee at home and takes it along in the car to work, so I need an insulated mug that fits in the cup holder. Mainly I like this one because it holds more than any other mug I own. Most of the lettering has worn off, but I got it, along with a $10 Starbucks card, from work a couple years ago after our busy season. Management was showing its appreciation for our 80+ hour weeks. It was a nice surprise.

Pledge week mug. My favorite at-home mug.

A souvenir from the New York Public Library. During a hiatus from my accounting job I worked in a library for a couple years. It was a teeny-tiny library, nothing at all like the one pictured here (although we appear to use the same circulation software),

Several years ago a small tribal-owned coffeehouse in northern British Columbia ran afoul of Starbucks, whose lawyers informed the Haida owners of the house that their name, a clever play on the tribal name and the common word used to refer to young males, was an infringement of copyright . The coffeehouse sold these mugs over the internet to help defray their legal expenses. Its only fault, in my eyes, is that it doesn't quite hold a quad shot of espresso and 7/8 cup of nuked milk, my morning beverage of choice.

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prairiegirl said...

I enjoyed taking the "trip" with you! Beautiful pictures!