Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's a Small World After All...

Perfectly coordinated swapping going on here! Susan got her package from me today (and I received a very excited email with lots of "THANKYOUS!" - she'll post more soon!) and I got my package from her on the same day! I was stunned, absolutely stunned when I opened it up. Here's what I found (all perfectly packaged in red tissue, a treasure box!):

• scrumptious decaf Rainforest Supreme coffee
• a maple cinnamon scone mix from Harry & David
• scented mug mats that release cinnamon-y smells when you put your hot mug down (also H&D)
• Anna's Swedish cappucino shortbread cookies
• milk chocolate Pastilles
• a perfect little coffee mug with a matching lid/coaster that says "Life is too short for bad coffee"
• an adorable coffee-themed retractable measuring tape (I cannot even express how badly I wanted/needed one of those!)
• sweet coffee magnets and an adorable knitter-themed card from Susan

...and for the yarn...

• My very first Malabrigo in saphire green...who said this is butter? You're right! It's heavenly!
• A gorgeous skein of Mountain Colors Handpainted in "Wildflower" which is totally serendipitous: Susan and I have a swap partner in common from previous swaps (Hege in Norway!) - I sent this exact same Mountain Colors "Wildflower" yarn to Hege for the Hot Socks Swap but had a *really* hard time parting with it because it was so beautiful. Hege and Susan were partners for the Knitters' Tea Swap recently and then Susan and I ended up as partners for this swap (all by chance!). Susan sent me the "Wildflowers" yarn not knowing that she was fulfilling my little knitter dream of having this yarn.

How incredibly perfect is this picture? And how small is our knitting world after all? FUN!



Knittymama said...

Wow, what a thoughtful and beautiful package!

LaVerna said...

How cool!You got a little bit of knitting karma going on there with the yarn.You gotta give to get I always say!Love that green Malabrigo.It will love really good on you Cat so ya better knit something for you with it!BTW-did youever finish those blue socks?

Catherine said...

Hi La Verna! YES! I finished the blue socks and love them, photo on my blog as of tonight!