Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cafe Con Leche

I have so many fond memories of coffee and as a child I always remembered the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning. I remember my mom on the weekends making cafe con leche using a greca or commonly called cafetera (stovetop espresso, see photo) and then slowly heating the milk in a pan and pouring them into a mug. The greca traveled with us during camping trips and family vacations (yes, my folks would pack it in a box an bring it with us to foreign countries).
In college I worked in a coffee shop where I had unlimited access to coffee, espresso, lattes, and gourmet coffee (where I fell in love with Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto and was not so impressed with Jamaica Blue Mountain).

My favorite coffee experiences took place in Paris and in Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, during a family vacation, we toured the coffee fields, learned how coffee is made, drank some amazing coffee and coffee liquor. DH and I went to Paris, France, and drank the most amazing coffee ever and that's where we became engaged.

I love coffee and knitting so I can't wait to participate !

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Old Knitter said...

Hey . . . when I saw your picture of the little silver coffee pot I just had to let you know that I received one of these last year as part of a coffee basket I won in a raffle (winning that basket must have been an omen) . . . well here's the problem . . . how in the world do I use this thing (instructions didn't come with it) soooooooo HELP!!!!!