Saturday, November 25, 2006

Coffee Shops and Mugs

Hey everyone,
This is my favorite coffee shop:

This is the 318 Cafe in downtown Excelsior. Unfortunately, my interior pix didn't turn out. That's a shame, because this place is warm and cozy. It's part of an old mill that's been renovated into a small, boutique-y retail area. The floors are rough wood planks; there's a fireplace; the staff is friendly but unobtrusive; and the coffee is darn good. As are the baked goods. And the shop is very knitter-friendly (as it should, since it's across the street from Coldwater Collaborative). They don't get testy if you sit and nurse a cup of coffee for a couple of hours while knitting up a storm. Then again, when it's me who's knitting, a couple of hours spent sniffing the delectable aroma of their homemade soups, well...they always get a lunch purchase out of me. Carrot-ginger soup, anyone?

And this is my favorite mug:

I don't remember when I got it, but it's big and sturdy, and I love the bumblebee motif. My dad used to raise bees, and my favorite poems ever are the bee sequence poems by Sylvia Plath. So I get all kinds of good vibes from this mug. Especially if there's good coffee in it!

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