Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This Package Is No Small Beans!

Imagine opening your front door to be greated with the incredible aroma of fresh coffee. Such was my fortunate experience this afternoon when my KCS package from Catherine arrived on my doorstep. This is by far, one of the best swap packages I've ever received. Moreover, it couldn't have come on a better day ... just in time to snap me out of the bad mood I was in due to being couped up in the house recovering from surgery.

Everything was neatly and carefully packed, my first indication of the care and consideration Catherine took in putting this wonderful treat together for me. The fragrant whole bean Peace Coffee will be in my mug tomorrow morning. Something tells me I won't need anything extra to start my engines after a cup of this stuff! Catherine totally rocked my stash of goodies with lots of gourmet chocolate, buttery cookies and my favorite treat - delicous caramels. (There were six but two quickly found their way to my mouth ... mmmm.) And while I'm enjoying my coffee and treats, I'll be listening to the special CD my swap partner so thoughtfully included. I was thrilled to receive two skeins of Manos del Uruguay in rich shades of chocolate covered cherry. I made a felted hat from this same yarn and now I'll be able to make a matching scarf! Catherine also sent me a skein of Patons SWS and even went to the trouble of writing out a beret pattern using the yarn. Last and certainly not least, hidden in an adorable rhinestone studded envelope I found a gift card for Starbucks with a note from my sweet swap partner inviting me to treat myself to a fancy latte - which I will with great pleasure when my knitting group meets at "Bucks" on Saturday morning.

What is truly wonderful is that when the coffee is gone, the treats consumed and the yarn knitted, Catherine and I will have a lasting connection. And all because of two pointy sticks and a ball of string!

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Anonymous said...

YEAH! Amen on the connections thing...I love Knitters! And I love this swap! Glad you liked your package so much, Susan...and THANK YOU again for mine!! --c :)