Saturday, November 18, 2006

My assistant swapper

Today I had some special time with GS#2. He and I went to a holiday craft fair to visit with some friends and buy a thing or two for my buddy.

Then we drove over to a local roaster in town to get some unique New England coffee. It's a small shop and they were a little busy so GS#2 was busy playing around the big bags of beans just waiting to be roasted.

And finally we headed back to my house where he decided which yarn should go in the box. What a great assistant for sure. We ended the morning with some cookies, milk, and a little Thomas the Tank Engine dvd watching. I'm happy to report that a good time was had by all.


Deborah said...

I also attended a local craft fair yesterday! We don't have a local roaster though but we do have 4 great coffee cafes!

Tammy said...

How funny that is!! Im in CT also, and me, mom and sis went to some holiday bazaars in the area. I was able to win some awesome coffee beans for my swap partner from the local roasters here from a silent auction!!

Old Knitter said...

This is why we have kids . . . for perfect days like this with our grandchildren!!!!!!