Friday, November 03, 2006

Mmmmm . . .Coffee!

I'm so glad I made it in to this swap. Coffee is one of my absolute favorite things. I am so lucky that my little nurser has been OK with small amounts of caffeine since 6 months or so.

Coffee has so many memories and conotations for me. My mom always drank (and still does) strong black coffee, or espresso. In college, my friends from back home and I would spend hours drinking not-so-great coffee in some 24-hour diner catching up. On my way to classes, there was a great little walk-up place, where any drink was $1.50 if you had one of their insulated mugs. That was the beginning of my infatuation with mochas. These days, the budget and waistline insist I save those for Saturday mornings and road trips.

I usually drink dark, dark coffee, with just a splash of cream. I make it in one of those espresso pots Calling Kalo talked about. I'm fortunate to have a great selection of coffees available in my town, including a coffee shop that roasts its own.

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Knittymama said...

I had the same luck with Knittybaby, the caffiene doesn't bother him either, thank goodness:-)