Monday, November 06, 2006

the fickle goddest of knit

I have alot of stuff on my needles at this time, but as fate would have it, its all crap. The calm blue shrug that had the clever lace pattern that I planned to wear when we went to the movies (because the AC is always so blasted high), somehow that pattern turned into a freakish oddity thats best left hidden. And the ghastly lilac sweater that for some reason I offered to finish for a friend and now I can bearly stand to hold it, thats going on 3 years now. and counting.....
I have an awesome scarf started that I ran out of the yarn for(anybody got Filati Bertagna Palma #730 Please call!!!!) and now it looks like I may have to put that in the ice box. Oh,yes, lets not forget the charity knitting that I offered to do to raise some money for my friends organization, just a trifle of 10 pairs ,or more, of booties. And she needs them yesterday.....
But I did finished this crazy hat I actually did for myself. Its in ribstich and I have this profusion of I-cord , (for lack of a better word), worms flowing out of the crown.It looks so funnie I can hardly wait to hear the comments. ........" Oh my word! It looks like her brains are poking out.."

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