Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Two days ago, a long Monday at work was brightened up considerably when I arrived home to this intriguing box!

(See the kitten? She was intrigued too!) Carrie decorated the box up one side and down the other; it was very cheerful and spring-y!

Opening it -- Wowzah!

So many treats....I've had to beat my daughters off with a stick. Look at all this!

Raspberry and Orange Creme Sticks (mmm, perfect with dark roast coffee); Nikki's English Toffee Chocolate Confection (English Toffee is one of my all-time favorite flavors); cute little Reese's Whipps (Reese's being the other all-time favorite flavor!! How did Carrie know?!); a Daelman's jumbo caramel wafer, yum; and Lady Walton's Creamy Dark Chocolate-Filled Wafer Cookies. And the coffee to drink it with: Italian Roast, WorldMarket House Blend (I don't have a World Market close, but my sister-in-law loves the one near her), and oh, boy, Vanilla Macadamia Nut Kona!!

Then the non-edible treats: a Creative Knitting I don't have, a little cookbook with ideas for dried fruits, fun stickers, cool reproductions of vintage cigar box labels (the top one says, simply, Hand Made!), and these gorgeous stitch markers:

Aren't they lovely?

Then, the very most lovely part of the box, perhaps: just look at this yarn.

Not only is it gorgeous, and soft, and one of my favorite colors, and a yarn I don't have:
it's a yarn I hadn't even heard of! And as a yarn aficionado, that's not so common. A treasure! (This is Noro Maiko, 35% wool, 30% kid mohair, 35% silk; nicely soft, looks like fingering to sport weight; should make a lovely lacy scarf, I think!)

Thanks so very much, Carrie!!

Carrie's package went out late, as she knows; my trip in the middle of things kind of messed up my mailing schedule (I didn't account for the post-trip work craziness, mostly), but should arrive tomorrow, I think!

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Carrie Penny said...

I am just so glad that you liked your box. I was so excited about putting it together and how fast it came together too!