Thursday, February 26, 2009

A package from Adrienne...

I huge thank you to Adrienne for a wonderful package. I couldn't have done better if I went to Virginia and picked the items out myself. I feel like I may have sent my partner on a bit of a scavenger hunt as I often can be pretty specific about what I like. We e-mailed back and forth a few times and I really hoped I wasn't being too picky. I told her that I liked Natural Fibers that are super baby soft like Merino Wool and Alpaca. I like chunkier fibers and skeins with various colors. I also mentioned that I loved the color combinations of coffee, cream, and chocolate. This yarn that she found from a local spinner in Virginia fits that description perfectly. This is one of those really special things as Lara Smoot the spinner does not even have a website. I will have to make something very special with this. I don't know how Adrienne found this, but she did and I am so grateful.
The coffee my partner sent for from a local roaster called Rosetta Coffee Company. The box smelled amazing when I opened it up, so I knew this was going to be good. I could hardly wait to have my first cup this morning and it definitely lived up to its scent.
My tasty goodies included cheese straws which look divine along with apple butter which I love. The fun part was that Adrienne sent me some Crab Salsa. Something I have never seen or heard of. I always love trying something new. I can't wait.
I don't think I actually mentioned it, but whenever I travel or visit somewhere new I always try and pick up a local cookbook. In Good Company is a beautiful cookbook filled with delicious and fairly simple looking recipes along with little tidbits about the local history. This book looks totally practical along with beautiful, which I love.
Thank you Adrienne for all the wonderful goodies. You put together a wonderful package perfectly tailored to my tastes. I really appreciate it. I also mentioned that I like bright colors as well, just look at the happy box that I opened!

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