Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coffee and Yarn Review - Contest #2

I'm happy to participate in the Knitters' Coffee Swap four, Contest # 2, and this is my reviewes:

1. Coffee review: My favourite coffee is a blend: Java Mocca, form Stockfleths. Java Mocca has an intense and fruity taste.The flavor is complex and interesting in that way that it s both fruity and rich, with a clear touch of dark chocolate (- Mmmmm). Therefor a well- balanced coffee, I think.

I prefer my Java Mocca just as it is - regular from my french coffee press, or made as a Latte or Capouchino from my Bialetti Mocca express. I drink my favourite coffee every once in a while when I want to treat my self nice or give my self a reward for something I did good.


2. Yarn review: Hifa 3 from Hillesvaag is my favourite yarn which I always return to after trying other qualities. It is a Norwegian 3- threaded, rich and easy carded 100 % wool yarn, in beautiful colors  from the entire color circle - 77 different shades. Hifa 3 is very easy to knit with using needles No US 1 1/2 - 4,5 or 2,5 - 4,0 mm. It is also easy felted. Hifa 3 is soft and quite tender to the skin. I use Hifa 3 to knit almost everything; such as mittens, scarves, hats, shawls, socks and pullovers. 

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