Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Look at all the cool stuff I got. My swap partner must really like me. First let's start that Pixie sent me a snack plate with a cup and it is red stripes with a heart.The plate where you put the cup has a solid red heart and the cup has a solid white heart. This came on a day where I really needed to know that someone loves me.There were three individual coffee's from safeway, then there was a 1 Lb bag of coffee from Good Earth (Sedona Blend) and the best being a 1 lb bag of coffe from Siver Canyon. Yeah, I got coffee from the local coffery. I got goodies to eat, and don't forget the yarn. As you can all see there are three types of yarn, one of them Kool-Aid dyed by my own partner. Thanks, for the pin. This was a wonderful swap

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Pixie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your box of goodies!